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Live Webinar – March 10, 2011 3:00 – 4:00 PM EST
Presented: by Journyx
Duration: 1 Hour Cat B FREE

Even world-class project managers will not succeed unless they get their executives to act for project success.

The trap of applying best practice project management only to have the project fail because of executive inaction or counteraction can be avoided. Increasing numbers of project managers are looking for ways to deal with this reality.

This is a how-to paper. It describes how project managers can get their executives to act and it identifies the top ten executive actions most likely to contribute to project success. This paper draws upon research from related fields about management and leadership and offers a model to gauge levels of executive support for projects.

We then address the question – what actions can the project manager and executive take to accelerate executive support to the next level? A central theme of the answer is that project managers are empowered to extend their sphere of influence beyond the immediate project boundaries up into the organization. Doing so will get executives to act and to help implement the actions as well.

Attendees will walk away from this presentation with the following:

  • Understand why projects are now more dependent on an executive.
  • Identify the actions an executive can take to help your project succeed.
  • Be aware of related executive and managerial assessments.
  • Be familiar with using a new scale to gauge the level of executive support for projects.
  • Identify approaches to move executive support to the next level.

This webinar is one hour long and attendees are eligible for 1 PDU

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Live Webinar March 10 2011 – 11:00 am – 12:30 pm EST
Duration: 1 hour 30 Min Credits: 1 PDU Cat A
Presented by :Computer Aid Inc IT Metrics & Productivity Institute (Rep 2733)

In this webinar, Leon Kappelman (LinkedIn profile) explains how Enterprise Architecture (EA) can provide management with an on-line, real-time repository of everything of relevance about the enterprise.

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Live Webinar March 10 2011 – 12:00 – 12:30 pm EST
Duration: 30 Min Credits: 0.5 PDU Cat A
Presented by : PMCentersUSA (Rep 1016)

For many companies looking to improve project performance, Earned Value Analysis (EVA) seems a logical technique to use on projects to better understand and manage performance.

Unfortunately, the reality for many companies is no improvement is achieved, project management costs are up and people are complaining about all of the ‘extra paperwork’.

This talk will cover some of the top pitfalls that can make the use of earned value analysis unsuccessful, along with suggested corrective actions that can be applied to projects to counter these hazards.

Additionally, this webinar will cover key metrics to monitor when using earned value analysis.

Subject Matter Expert: Joseph A. Lukas (LinkedIn profile), PMP, PE, CCE
Joe Lukas is Vice-President of PMCentersUSA, and leads a team of instructors and consultants in delivering solutions in project management, business analysis and business process improvement.Joe has been involved in project management for over 30 years and has worked in engineering, manufacturing, construction, project controls, estimating and contracting, and has been a Program and Project Manager supporting world-wide programs.

This presentation will be 30 minutes long with a live question and answer session following the presentation.

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Live Webinar March 26 2011 – 5:00 pm WET (Western Euro Time)
Language: Portuguese
Duration: 1 hour Credits: 1 PDU Cat A
Presented by : Webinar conducted by TenStep Portugal.
Limited to 20 participants.

Datas: 26 Março (Sábado) 15h-16h (WET)
Limitado a 20 participantes.

Assista ao nossowebinar e esclareça as suas dúvidas sobre a certificação profissionalPMP doProject Management Institute.

  • O que é o PMI e a certificação PMP?
  • Porquê obter a certificação PMP?
  • Quais são os requisitos exigidos pelo PMI?
  • Como é o processo de certificação, passo a passo?
  • Como preencher o formulário de inscrição?
  • Quanto custa obter a certificação?
  • Como é o exame e onde é realizado?
  • Que tipo de perguntas aparecem no exame?

Foi importante para consolidar conhecimentos e aprendizagem de novos conceitos. (Curso Fundamentos de Gestão de Projectos)

– Rui Ricardo, Consultor, Timestamp, Portugal

Fiz hoje o exame PMP. Passei!!! Obrigada por tudo.(Curso Preparação para o exame PMP)

– Teresa Cadete, Manager, Tecnocom, Portugal

Útil e recomendável.(Curso Fundamentos de Gestão de Projectos)

– Paulo Fernandes, Team Leader, Cesce SI, Portugal

Extrema utilidade para o sucesso no exame do PMI. (Curso Preparação para o exame PMP)

РFrancisco Leite, Eng. de Telecomunica̵̤es, MSTelcom, Angola

O curso é claro, prático e fácil de assimilar os conhecimentos e é ao mesmo tempo abrangente nas várias componentes de gestão de projectos.(Curso Fundamentos de Gestão de Projectos)

РRita Cristoṿo, Coordenadora de projectos da UCGIC, ACSS, Portugal

Sinto-me satisfeita com o curso, pois consigo aplicar os conceitos e métodos à prática de gestão de projectos.(Curso Fundamentos de Gestão de Projectos)

– Maria Santos, Administradora, CGD, Portugal

O curso da TenStep teve um importante contributo na minha certificação PMP, sendo pela forma como está estruturado, pelo material de apoio que é fornecido ou pelas dicas e exemplos práticos que complementam a exposição das matérias, considero que seja imprescindível para quem quer eficácia na obtenção da certificação.(Curso Preparação para o exame PMP)

– João Soares PMP, Eng.º Civil, Portugal

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Extending Microsoft Project


Online Webinar – by Journyx
Presenter: James Brawner
Duration: 30 Minutes 0.5 CAT 4 / Cat B FREE

Planning a project is only the first step in getting things done. The right project manager knows how to take these plans and make them a reality. While Microsoft Project is an important project planning tool, it does not enable project execution without a little help. We’ll give you that help.

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White Paper – Extending Microsoft ProjectTM for Successful Project Execution

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