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World-class development organizations get that way by encouraging innovation and optimizing the productivity of their developers.

Using the right combination of modern methods and frameworks, IT organizations today are fostering distributed collaborative environments that have not been possible with traditional software development tools, techniques and approaches.

So how does your software development organization measure up?

Can you innovate at the rate the business expects, or do your efforts get snarled by rules, red tape and outdated software?

How can you enable rapid innovation and dynamic communication among business, development and operational team members for true collaborative development in a global business environment?


  • Jeffrey Hammond, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
  • Bill Portelli, President and CEO, CollabNet
  • Timothy Yeaton, CEO, Black Duck

Join Forrester Principal Analyst Jeffrey Hammond, CollabNet CEO Bill Portelli, and Black Duck CEO Timothy Yeaton as they discuss an evolving set of cultural practices, lean processes, and best practice use of FOSS that world-class development shops are leveraging to build break out software that drives business success.

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