Ferrr all ye Piranatics out there September 19th is “Talk Like A Pirate Day” evrrry yrrrr – Hover over the hidden treasures link near the next smiley 🙂

It’s April First, April Fool’s Day around the world. To honor this day, pduOTD is featuring this FridayFun article.

Our EdmontonPM Top Ten list counts down from #10 to #1 Pirate Booty Linking Project Management and Pirates because …. well ….. just ‘cuz.

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Number 10.

Aargh! Toss all yer business books o’erboard. These Rrr the only ones ye need

Lead Like a Pirate! Leadership Secrets of the Pirates of St. Croix

A Pirate Captain’s Guide To Leadership: How To Turn “Workplace Pirates” Into Motivated And Productive Employees

Number 9.

Show off yer inner pirate. I let me crew where they stand. Me bridge deck proudly displays my collection of .

As a PM me #1 priority is to keep me ducks in a row 🙂

Number 8.

(@projectshrink) author of a PM Book I Liked “Surprise! Now You’re a Software Project Manager” wrote an article “Turn Your Project into a Pirate Ship” and reminded us of the power of the Pirate metaphor.

Number 7.

Andy Hertzfeld, member of the original Macintosh team wrote about the that flew over the Macintosh project building in Cupertino, California.

Number 6.

If this article describes ye project, ye’d best surrender to the English now,

Pirates Fighting Among Themselves While the Spanish Galleon Sails on Up

“Isn’t that just like some projects? Various contingents battling it out fiercely while competitors rage at the gates. Engineering vs. Marketing, Executives vs. middle managers, the project manager against “the world” . . . one big drama . . . pirates fighting each other on their own ship while the Spanish Galleon sails up and blows them out of the water.”

Number 5.

In 2009, (@havi) adopted the pirate metaphor and rewrote the job descriptions of her team crew.

Havi: the crazy but mostly lovable captain … aka The Pirate Queen

Selma the duck: the parrot

Peggy (formerly Head VA): the Cook … because we can’t live without her.

Marissa (formerly my personal assistant): First Mate …

Number 4.

– (@pm4girls) – A Girl’s Guide to Project Management – wrote a Book review on The Pirate Inside: Building a Challenger Brand Culture Within Yourself and Your Organization

And the top three booty on Project Management and Pirates come from ….

The Princess Bride

Number 3.

Anne B wrote an article in April of 2010 on her blog copy.write.her called The Dread Pirate Roberts Economy. She compared the woes of the economy to The Cliffs of Insanity, The Fireswamp and The Pit of Despair (from The Princess Bride).

The Cliffs of Insanity

“Who helped you through your first really bad project? Who got you up that sheer rock face? You remember: You did.”

The Pit of Despair

“Once you have met a bully in any company, you have met a company that breeds them. Getting out is good. I made it. So will you.

Number 2.

Another Princess Bride Lessons Learned – 10 brand strategy lessons from “The Princess Bride

The Number 1 Article on Project Management and Pirates

Life Lessons of the Dread Pirate Roberts.

What can we learn from the pirates of the 17th and 18th centuries? Dustin Wax describes six things the Dread Pirate Roberts might tell you if you hired him as a business consultant for your firm, or a life coach.

Did you know that there was such a strong connection between Project Management and Pirates? 😉 I hope you learned a few things and had some fun! – Have A Great Day!!