What is a Mind Map?

A mind map is a diagram with a central key word or idea. Lines and links are drawn to words or pictures and are used to represent ideas, tasks, or other items that generate a thought idea stream from the previous item. The Mind Map, arranged around a central key word then visualizes a thought process to lead to other ideas or topics. Mind Maps are very helpful in idea generation, creating pathways to resolve issues or to diagram brainstorming sessions.

The mind map differs from an outline of the topic in two aspects.

  1. First, it illustrates an elaboration from major (general) points to minor (more specific) points by the thickness of the line and the size of the font and the distance from the keyword.
  2. Second, it eliminates the prioritization of the major points that is implicit in an outline.

Mind Maps are excellent tools for learning, brainstorming and problem solving. We have featured mind maps of the PMBOK and other subjects.

Mind Maps of PMBOK Process Groups and Knowledge Areas

Conflict Management Mind Map
Career Development Framework Mind Map

Wikipedia has a List of concept mapping and mind mapping software

I’ve used Freemind for several years and been very pleased with the ability to create a mind map quickly and easily. I’ve used mind maps for project planning, vacation planning and knowledge management and organization. With the changes to the Self-Directed Learning Category for PDUs, I’ve created an SDL Primer for my 2011 PDUs.

– EdmontonPM