Online Webinar
Offered by ESI International (REP 1038)
Duration 1 hour 1 PDU or 1 CDU – 1 Category A Free

Investing in your staff is one sure way to be prepared for economic and industry changes. Staying knowledgeable not only keeps your staff sharp when things are on the downturn, it also keeps them ready to handle the quick acceleration that occurs when momentum changes for the better.

Where many organizations fall short is in aligning their learning programs to their organizational goals. Successful program planning, implementation, adoption and benefits planning are critical to realizing positive return and value from learning opportunities.

A survey conducted by ESI International on what organizations are doing to align learning programs with organizational goals found:

  • •The importance of aligning learning initiatives with organizational goals is widely acknowledged, but not put into practice by a large majority of organizations.
  • The inability to create and adopt criteria and success metrics for learning programs severely hinders measuring outcomes and overall value to the organization.
  • Appropriate skills, tools and processes to implement and measure learning engagements offer organizations a more robust foundation upon which to make budgetary decisions, especially critical in the current economy.
  • Selecting a performance improvement provider to help implement best practices, including reinforcement learning to maximize adoption, is crucial to optimize learning investment and return.

Join Raed S. Haddad (LinkedIn profile), Senior Vice President of Global Delivery Services, for a webinar providing valuable insight into the state of affairs of measuring the business impact of training initiatives especially in the areas of project management and business analysis.

Using results from ESI’s survey, and considering best practices, we present pragmatic best practices on how to embark on a measurement program that

  1. does not overwhelm the participants or the organization
  2. provides various data points that, combined, can set the stage for actionable results that show the value of your investment (VOI) in Project/Program Management or Business Analysis improvement initiatives.

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