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Live IIL Webinar – October 20, 2011 10:00 am – 11:00 am EDT
Duration: 1 hour Credits: 1 PDU Category A – Free PDU
Presented by : IIL (Rep 1003) – Course No: LI0006
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Participants will learn to use the readily available power of acknowledgment to engage, motivate, and inspire teams, employees, and people they lead and to strengthen their personal leadership skills. They will learn to use the tool of acknowledgment in an immediately effective way.


This Webinar will help participants identify and utilize the Power of Acknowledgment throughout their professional lives. Benefits include:

  • Immediately improvingrelationships with colleagues and team members
  • Enhancingemployee engagement using acknowledgment as a critical tool and focus
  • Developing personal leadership capabilities using acknowledgment in the workplace
  • Observing the strong business case for acknowledgment and participating in a case study to drive home the need to incorporate it into the workplace
  • Increasing productivity and well-being in the workplace byidentifying opportunities to enhance employee engagement

What Your Will Learn:
Upon completion of this webinar, the participants will be able to:

  • To identify and define two of the seven major principles of acknowledgment as outlined in the book The Power of Acknowledgment, IIL Publishing, New York
  • Understanding the need for acknowledgment in creating a culture of appreciation within an organization or team
  • Defining “acknowledgment” and understanding its profound, far-reaching benefits
  • Overcoming the barriers to acknowledgment
  • Demonstrating the language and subtleties of authentic and heartfelt acknowledgment behavior
  • Describing how to coach teams managers, and other corporate stakeholders in using the Power of Acknowledgment to produce breakthrough results

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Outsourcing Requirements Discovery


Live Webinar October 19 2011 – 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EDT
Offered by IAG Consulting (REP 2858)
Duration 1 hour 1 PDU or 1 CDU 1 Category A – Free PDU

This session is for project managers that sometimes need to contract externally for requirements discovery services in order to make their project a success.

This session shares hard facts, case studies, and a wealth of experience in successful – and not so successful – contracting approaches for the senior project manager. Supercharging a project by accelerating the requirements discovery phase is a solid strategy – but how do you ensure the company will get solid business value from the activity?

3 Learning Objectives from this Session:

  • Effective analyst engagements models that drive value
  • Red flags in your review cycle: clear signals that you have, or will have, issues with your requirements discovery team.
  • Setting targets for timetable and turnaround: what should you expect from a top notch analyst team?

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Live Webinar – October 26, 2011 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EDT
Presented by: Training Magazine
Duration: 1 Hour 1 Category C PDU – Free PDU

The lecture method is the most ridiculed training technique because it involves passive learning on the part of the participant. In contrast, Interactive Lectures involve the participants in the learning process while providing complete control to the instructor.

These activities enable a quick and easy conversion of a passive presentation into an interactive experience. We will explore different types of interactive lectures that incorporate built-in quizzes, interspersed tasks, and teamwork interludes.


Thiagi (Sivasailam Thiagarajan, Ph.D.), (LinkedIn profile) Resident Mad Scientist at the Thiagi Group. The Thiagi Group is an organization with the mission of helping people improve their performance effectively and enjoyably. Thiagi has published forty books, including Thiagi’s 100 Favorite Games (Pfeiffer Essential Resources for Training and HR Professionals) and Teamwork and Teamplay: Games and Activities for Building and Training Teams, as well as numerous games, simulations, and articles.

Tracy Tagliati (LinkedIn profile), CLO The Thiagi Group

Tracy knows how to engage the learner. As the training manager at Move, Inc. and an associate at the Thiagi Group, Tracy works directly with key executives and managers to conduct performance analyses and develop customized programs using a rapid instructional design approach. Her specialty is activities-based training in both instructor-led and web-based environments. She has co-authored two books with Thiagi on topics relating to interactive learning techniques including the bestseller Jolts! Activities to Wake Up and Engage Your Participants. Her mission is helping people improve their performance effectively and enjoyably. She is active in ASTD, ISPI and the North American Simulation and Gaming Association (NASAGA).

PDU Category C documentation details:

Process Groups: Executing

Knowledge Areas: 9 – Human Resources

  • 9.3 Develop Project Team

As a Category C ‘Self Directed Learning Activity’ remember to document your learning experience and its relationship to project management for your ‘PDU Audit Trail Folder’

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Live Webinar October 26, 2011 – 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm EST
Duration: 1 hour webinar Credits: 1 PDU Category C – Free PDU
Sponsored by American Management Association (REP 1294)
Presented by: Michelle Tillis Lederman
Although the AMA is an REP this opportunity may not have a course number Contact the AMA for further information.

  • Have you ever had a conversation you wanted to follow up on but didn’t?
  • Do you find yourself wishing you had a reason to get in touch with a colleague, customer, or old acquaintance?

Often we are too busy to focus on building and nurturing our relationships. Some of us may find follow-up awkward, uncomfortable, or even unwanted. Thus we find it difficult to move from one conversation to the next, to build upon the initial contact and turn it into a real relationship.

And even if you do this with ease, there are a variety of powerful approaches for increasing your contact with and the value you provide to your network.

During this Webcast, Michelle Tillis Lederman will take you through tips and tactics that will help you convert your conversations into stronger and longer connections.

At the end of the day it is the strength of your relationships that leads to your success.
What You Will Learn

  • Learn how technology can help you recognize reasons to connect
  • Leverage social media in simple ways to increase familiarity
  • Realize there are many ways you can GIVE to others—no matter what level or rank you are
  • Discover specific ways to increase your value to your network

While attending this program is FREE, reservations are required.

Presenter: Michelle Tillis Lederman is founder and CEO of Executive Essentials, which provides customized communication and leadership programs. She is also an adjunct professor at NYU Stern School of Business and a faculty member of the American Management Association. Lederman has delivered seminars internationally for corporations, universities, and nonprofit organizations, including JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Columbia Business School, and the Museum of Modern Art. In addition, she is author of The 11 Laws of Likability: Relationship Networking . . . Because People Do Business with People They Like, published by AMACOM.

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