Online Webinar – International Project Management Day 2011
This Session Presented by: Frank Ryle PMP – Author, Trainer & Consultant, IIL
This session Duration 22 Min Credits: 0.25 PDU Category A
IPM Day 2011 Sponsored by: IIL and Partners (Rep# 1003)

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This presentation is a quick and amusing look at the interesting books and other sources of information that influenced the writing of Frank Ryle (LinkedIn profile). Frank wrote the book Keeping Score: Project Management for the Pros and accompanying video.

From the amazing assessment of risk in Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk (Peter L. Bernstein) to the interesting decision making techniques assessed in Decisive Moment and Blink; from the rigidity of the 42 steps in the PMBOK® Guide to the chaos and changing project environment in The World Is Flat and from the latest advances in The 21st Century Brain to the better understanding of team members in The Essential Difference and Human Instinct.

Each of these authors has added something important to the discussion on how to get something done in a modern, cross-functional, cross-cultural environment. Humor and music add to the flow of this 30-minute presentation, which also includes previously unseen snippets of the actors in the movie “Keeping Score.”

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