Share went live January 1 2011 and its been a terrific year!

We have had the chance to share information and work with some great Project Managers, Business Analysts, & agile Professionals …. AND ….. the one thing we learned is the “Best Of The Best” have a great sense of humor! We thought it would be fun to expose you to ten of these great folks! So here goes ……

Have Fun and Smile With Your Teams!

First hats off to Frank P. Saladis (LinkedIn profile) PMP
Founder of IPM Day

Frank is an accomplished leader in project management. Frank was PMI’s 2006 Person of the Year and has been very involved with the PMI as the president of the New York City PMI chapter for ten years as well as holding many other leadership positions. He is the author of 7 published books , and the editor of the All PM Newsletter the IIL Knowledge Portal. Frank has entertained countless audiences with project management songs as his way of sharing his humor and passion for project management. 😉

Enjoy The Project Manager Blues
Written and sung by Frank Saladis

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Luis Seabra Coelho known on twitter as @lseabra writes the PM Blog


Luis believes that bringing people together in a relaxed environment and learning something different from what we usually do can be an effective strategy to create team-building. Read his article “Laughter is the Shortest Distance between Two People” that was Featured on 🙂

He Suggests:

  1. You want a highly productive team
  2. If order to have a highly productive team you must start with a team
  3. Your project team has to feel connected in order to function as a real team (and not just a bunch of people that happen to be working together)
  4. If your team members laugh together they get connected

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Peter Saddington is known as @AgileScout and writer of the Scrum Pocket Guide. He absolutely loves his job as an Independent Enterprise Agile Coach.

Peter has a wonderful sense of humor and posted William Gills amusing article “Agile Is A Cult – Follow The 5 Ways You Can Be Saved” on his site.

Don’t miss this one 😉

dividing line is an outstanding community and resource portal for business analysts, systems analysts, and other IT professionals involved in business systems analysis. See them on twitter @ModernAnalyst

Helping you find what you need, when you need it …. published a terrific “Rosetta Stone” to translate from Project Manager Speak to Business Analyst Wisdom.

Helping you decode what the PM Means & What the BA Hears – ENJOY 😉

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If you don’t know about you should take a look at it -> Right Now!


It is a wonderful collection of PM articles and ideas! With Kudos and possibly apologies to Jeff Foxworthy they published the humorous article “You Might Be a Project Management Redneck If…” By Terry Bunio.

A Project Management Redneck is a slang term, usually for a Traditional Project Manager who is conservative, risk-adverse, controlling, non-collaborative, mistrusting of the client, and a methodology fundamentalist. This term is generally considered offensive. It originated in reference to the color of the status of their projects and in some given circumstances the color of their complexion during User Acceptance Testing. – Terry Bunio

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MAKE SURE you check out Nelson Biagio’s Humor Page!

Experience the humor behind:

Nelson Biagio Jr (@Nelsonb) is a Senior Project Manager, IBMer, Former lawyer and rugby player. Living in São Paulo-Brazil. His Blog on Project Management, Leadership, Business, Politics and other little things is always fascinating.

His current article “From Punch Cards to the Cloud: The History of Digital Storage” has a wonderful InfoGraphic of Historical digital storage media. (Unfortunately the story is missing the picture of of the Apple 5 Meg Profile. He uses a graphic of the 5 meg ST-506 instead. I paid $10,000 CDN for my 5M Apple Profile in the early 80’s for my Lisa Computer 😉 ).

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Based in Texas Acumen provides enterprise Project analysis software to the Project management community. Fuse 360 is its latest accelaration and decision support system. @projectacumen shared on twitter recently …. Read The Twelve Project Management Jokes of Christmas 🙂

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Kulveer Virk writes an excellent Blog on “Leadership & Management”, because he believes they both go hand in hand. If you haven’t discovered Kulveer yet check out his site! He also has a great list of his favorite books (many of mine are on his list)


Read his post on THE Laws of…. “Newton’s Unpublished Laws” Which is sure to put a smile on your face! He also loves to learn from the interactions with his blog visitors so… follow him and chat on twitter @KulveerVirk

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Pam Stanton (@pamstanton) is known as “The Project Whisperer” has a wonderful sense of humor! Take a look at Pam’s page with her “Lighten Up” humor section & “Free Resourses“ on her site.

Her book “The Project Whisperer” is filled with wonderful examples of how to use humor to create results. Here is a quick snapshot of Pam’s advice, her “Top Ten Rules of Project Management From Kindergarten“ Read the complete article for a more complete understanding of her rules. ;)

  • 1. Listen to Your Teacher. (Sponsor)
  • 2. Get on the Right Bus. – Have plan to get there.
  • 3. Make Friends. – Teambuilding
  • 4. Share Your Toys. Share Resources
  • 5. Don’t Be a Bully. Don’t take credit for something that’s not yours.
  • 6. Sometimes You’ve Gotta Get Dirty. Roll up your sleeves and get into the muck.
  • 7. Take a Nap and Have a Snack – Nourish and refresh yourself.
  • 8. Playing is Good. Project engagement requires high-energy, enthusiasm, and some fun.
  • 9. Try New Things. It’s how we learn and Improve.
  • 10. Clean Up After Yourself. Make sure that your team gets recognition.

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When I think about great Project Managers with a sense of humor I think about PMCentersUSA. They are always positive, laughing, and supporting the PM community with a smile. So ….. I mentioned this upcomming article and I asked Jeannine M Fisher (@JeannineMFisher) about the positive attitudes and the humor found in the offices of PMCentersUSA .

She told us …..

“PM humor is found in ALL of our Webinars – Especially in our Personality Styles one! Does that count? 😉

I have attended a lot of the webinars and they are always amusing and engaging.

So ….. Jeannine …..The answer is YES!

So for great webinars with a sense of humor check out the

PMCentersUSA website!

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