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Four Faces of Leadership


Live Webinar April 9th, 2014 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EDT
Duration: 1 Hour 30 Min Credits: 1 PDU Category A – Free PDU
Presented by: Fissure Corporation (Rep 1026)

When we say leadership, we are essentially talking about creating the right blend of-
People development/ team empowerment
Personal enrichment- Yes, leadership is as much about the personal and professional well-being of the leader as much as it is about being able to mentor, coach and inspire others!
Process management/ process improvement


To create a fundamental shift in our approach to corporate leadership, we need to start viewing leadership as a wholesome experience, a journey leading to personal, professional and corporate turnaround.

The focus needs to be on developing a sustainable, stable culture of collaborative leadership and becoming an I’m O.K- You’re O.K leader.

It distills down to creating implementable strategies that will allow the leader to be self-empowering and self aware, thus developing a dependable personality (an I’m O.K personality with minimal issues about self-worth, self-confidence, insecurities, power-struggles, etc.) and to be team-enriching (The You’re O.K position where the leader has developed the capabilities to appreciate and respect differences to enrich the team, allowing individuals to work on their strengths and encouraging change from within).

It is about self-empowerment and team enrichment, process improvement and strategic alignment- A wholesome leadership where the journey is as important as the destination.

This webinar will unfold the four different faces of interpersonal interactions based on self awareness and team recognition, each of which leaves a distinctive mark on the leadership style, and hence, performance, in a given team or organization.

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Live Webinar April 9th, 2014 11:00 am – 12:30 pm EDT
Duration: 1 Hour 30 Min Credits: 1 PDU Category A – Free PDU
Presented by: Computer Aid Inc IT Metrics & Productivity Institute (Rep 2733)

In this webinar, Michael Overly (LinkedIn profile), author of Software Agreements Line by Line: A Detailed Look at Software Contracts and Licenses & How to Change Them to Fit Your Needs, will explore the common legal issues that arise in developing and deploying mobile apps, from initial development through submission to app stores.

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Business Process Improvement Basics


Live Webinar April 9th, 2014 11:00 am – 12:00 pm EDT
Duration: 1 hour Credits: 1 PDU Category B  – Free PDU
Presented By: PROJECTinsight (Metafuse Inc)
In Cooperation With: Core Performance Concepts (Rep #1399)

Note: Please record this as a Category B Presentation – You will receive a Category B certificate from PROJECTInsight

Business process improvement projects are founded on the concepts of continuous process improvement.

There are specific methodologies to plan, analyze, design, develop, and transition to a new process.

The webinar will provide an overview of what it takes to deliver successful business process improvements to an organization.

Session Objectives:

  • Describe what is involved in business process improvement projects
  • Discover the value of the project vision in BPI projects
  • Define the purpose of documenting the AS-IS process
  • Describe how the TO-BE process is developed
  • Define best practices to implement within Project Insight

Who should attend:

  • Project managers, Portfolio managers,
  • Project team members, Project Leads,
  • Project sponsors & function/business unit managers,
  • Subject Matter Experts, Business Analysts, Scheduling Specialists and ….
  • Other business stakeholders.

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Live Webinar – April 10th, 2014 11:00 am – 12:00 pm EDT
Duration: 1 Hour Credits: 1 PDU Category C – Free PDU
Sponsored by: PEX  – The Process Excellence Network

Johnson Controls’ Best Practice Deployment for CI

Sharing best practices has long been critical to continuous improvement.

The idea is you identify the best way of doing something – either in your industry or within a pocket of your company – and you roll it out across your company to bring everyone up to the highest level of performance. That’s what happens in theory at least!

In practice, though, it can be incredibly difficult to not only identify those best practices but also to share them across departmental silos and this gets even more difficult in larger companies. So is there a better way of approaching the challenge?

Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI), a Fortune 500 company with over 170,000 employees across the globe, generated $35+ million in hard savings last year alone after nearly 1,000 Best Practices were deployed.

In this webinar, Kevin Filcik, Manager of Continuous Improvement Projects, at JCI will demonstrate the company’s approach to best practice sharing, including how they’ve been using PowerSteering software to support their efforts.

Join this webinar to:

  1. Hear how a large enterprise like JCI uses continuous improvement and best practice sharing to produce global savings
  2. Understand the barriers to best practice sharing and identify way to overcome them
  3. Explore the importance of continuous improvement tools and how you can embed them into the DNA of your company
  4. Learn practical ways that you can encourage best practice sharing across your company

Presenter: Kevin Filcik Manager of Continuous Improvement Projects Johnson Controls, Inc.

PDU Category C documentation details:

Process Groups: Planning Executing

Knowledge Areas: 4 – Integration

  • 4.3  Direct and Manage Project Execution

As a Category C ‘Self Directed Learning’ activity remember to document your learning experience and its relationship to project management for your ‘PDU Audit Trail Folder’.

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