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Live Webinar April 9th, 2014 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm EDT
Offered by MPUG WebnLearn ( REP 1369 )
Duration 1 hour + Q & A 1 PDU / 1 CDU
Mpug Member Free

In the first of the four-part “Digging Deeper” series of MPUG webinars, the “Learning More about Inactivating Tasks and Inserting a Repeatable Block of Tasks” presentation will help you to gain in-depth knowledge about the Inactivate Task feature available in the Professional version of Microsoft Project 2010.

In addition, Dale will show you how to avoid using copy and paste in projects stored in Project Server 2010, and to avoid the risk project corruption by using a repeatable block of tasks instead.

This presentation will include the following topics:

  • Understanding The Purpose Of The Inactivate Task Feature In Microsoft Project Professional 2010
  • Understanding the Relationship Between a Baseline and Inactive Tasks
  • How Does Microsoft Project 2010 Calculate Variance for Inactive Tasks?
  • Understanding the Behavior of Inactive Tasks and Their Summary Tasks
  • Using the Proper Technique to Inactivate a Summary Section
  • When Should You NOT Inactivate an Unnecessary Task?
  • Deleting Unnecessary Inactive Tasks
  • Copying and Pasting Tasks from a Local Staging File
  • Inserting A Repeatable Block Of Tasks From A Custom Task Library
  • Creating a Custom Task Library

Presenter: Dale Howard, (LinkedIn profile) MS Project MVP (2004), MCT, MCTS, CTT, MCITP, MVP, MCT, MCTS, CTT, MCITP Dale manages educational services for MSProjectExperts. Dale is an enterprise project management trainer/consultant with more than 12 years of training experience, Dale volunteers many hours each week answering user questions in the various Project news groups in the Microsoft Communities.

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Live Webinar April 9th, 2014- 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm EDT
By: The Corporate Education Group (REP 1011)
Duration: 1 Hour Credits: 1 Category A PDU – Free PDU

Picture this scene: Your company has created a new line of business and is now under pressure to deliver. After a lengthy concept phase the first product is approved to be developed. An external business partnership is formed, the new internal business team is lined up, sponsors have high expectations and the pace is frenetic. An experienced IT project manager (you) has been identified as the best option to help manage product delivery and address complex stakeholder relationships and expectations.

Did Bonnie mention that this looks nothing like an IT project?

  • What should you do first?
  • How do you balance the time needed to ramp up with the time pressure to make a difference NOW?
  • What does your experience tell you to keep or change in your approach to managing this project?

Based on her personal experience, join Bonnie in this adventure of surviving her first product launch.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Quickly establish a project framework in a chaotic environment
  • Differentiate between product and project manager roles and responsibilities
  • Apply traditional, agile and extreme project management techniques to support the team and manage stakeholders

About the Presenter: Bonnie Cooper (LinkedIn profile), PMP®, Instructor and Consultant for Corporate Education Group, is a twenty-year information technology professional. In her current role as the Program Director for the Massachusetts Medical Society™(MMS) Corporate IT Program Office, Bonnie is responsible for coordinating the efforts of project teams, overseeing the implementation of project standards, managing the corporate IT strategic plan, and leading the program to re-engineer the membership platform for MMS.

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Live Webinar – April 11th 2014, 12:00-1:00 PM EDT
Offered by ASPE (REP 2161) 1 Category A PDU – Free PDU
Note: Although ASPE is an REP presentations may have to be recorded as a Cat C PDU Event – Contact Traci Lester Marketing Specialist at ASPE for more information

SharePoint is often misunderstood and underestimated. While most organizations and IT departments start off seeing SharePoint as a document repository and version control solution, they fail to fully understand the power of SharePoint to change the way a business operates.

As an information and collaboration platform, SharePoint goes way beyond just document management. SharePoint provides tools which brings team together in a way that has never been fully seen with technology in the past.

The broad spectrum of information management features in SharePoint from enterprise content management to document lifecycle and then with all the new 2013 social features, SharePoint is not a system you deploy without a full understanding of its implications to impact the way information flows within an organization.

SharePoint will change the way your people work and that has a significant impact on the way you do business as well as a direct effect on the bottom line.

This one hour webinar will give an overview of the requirements for planning and governance prior to ever taking SharePoint out of its wrapper.

  1. You will understand why it is important to have a plan for SharePoint that is tied to your organizations vision and business goals.
  2. You will learn what the often misunderstood purpose for Governance is and why Governance is a living, breathing, and ongoing initiative which is critical to the success of SharePoint.
  3. Finally, Tom will discuss some best practices for driving adoption and how to guarantee your SharePoint ROI is maximized through proper training and support.

The topics that will be covered in this one hour webinar:

  • What is SharePoint?
  • Why Planning is critical
  • Connecting SharePoint to your organization Mission and goals
  • SharePoint as a tool, not a manager
  • What is Governance?
  • Choosing your governance team
  • The ongoing maintenance of governance
  • Training, planning, and adoption

Presenter: Tom Robbins (LinkedIn profile) has 25+ years in the telecommunications and IT industry. A Microsoft Certified Trainer and CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer, Tom has been training for more than 15 years on the Microsoft Enterprise suite of products.

PDU Category C (PMBOK 5) documentation details:

Process Groups: Planning

Knowledge Areas: 4 – Integration 5 – Scope

  • 4.1 Develop Project Charter
  • 4.2 Develop Project Management Plan
  • 5.3 Define Scope

As a Category C ‘Self Directed Learning Activity’ remember to document your learning experience and its relationship to project management for your ‘PDU Audit Trail Folder’.

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PDU Category C documentation details:

Process Groups: Planning, Monitoring & Controlling

Knowledge Areas: 4 – Integration 10 – Communications

  • 4.3 Direct and Manage Project Execution
  • 10.2 Plan Communications
  • 10.3 Distribute Information
  • 10.5 Report Performance

As a Category C ‘Self Directed Learning Activity’ remember to document your learning experience and its relationship to project management for your ‘PDU Audit Trail Folder’

Resource Capacity Management


Live Webinar – April 8th, 2013 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EDT
Presented by: Eclipse Project Portfolio Management
Duration: 1 hour 1 PDUs Credits: Category C 1 PDU- Free PDU

Organization structures in most companies today make resource management a daunting task. A lack of visibility into resource allocation and capacity, consistent prioritization and validation of actual work versus planned, contribute to this challenge.

Over 50% of IT organizations surveyed use their “best guess” when determining what capacity IT has to perform projects in a given period.

This webinar presents the fundamentals for creating and implementing a Resource Management Model using people, process and technology. A Resource Management Model is a set of processes that provide visibility, decision support and structure to effectively manage people in an organization.

Allocating resources based on availability and fit, supported by standard processes, will improve the success and predictability of projects across your organization.

Who should attend this webinar?
COO’s, CIOs, Department VPs and Managers, PMs, Resource Managers

NOTE: You may have to hit the MORE… link to register for this session on the registration page.

PDU Category C (PMBOK 5) documentation details:

Process Groups: Executing

Knowledge Areas: 4- Integration 9 – Human Resources

  • 9.1 Plan Human Resource Management
  • 9.2 Acquire Project Team
  • 9.4 Manage Project Team

As a Category C, ‘Self Directed Learning’, activity remember to document your learning experience and its relationship to project management for your ‘PDU Audit Trail Folder.’

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