Live Webinar June 28th, 2017, 9:00 am – 10:00 am EDT
Activity Type: Education – Course or Training  1 Hour  1 PDU
Provider: Gartner Webinars

Forget digital business – it’s the digital society that is quickly emerging – blending the physical and the virtual worlds.

It’s affecting not only our business models and how we work, but how we live and interact.

Technology is not only changing the way people interact; the relationship between people and technology itself is changing.

More than ever, technology is part of our identity. It’s time to rethink a few things.

  • What does our digital identity look like?
  • Do terms such as “user” and “designer” still make sense?
  • How do we function with skill and in comfort in the digital society?
  • And who is responsible when the machines mess up?

Join Frank Buytendijk (LinkedIn profile, Gartner bio) and find out!

Discussion Topics:

  • How the relationship between people and technology is changing, and how that affects our identity
  • How business models need to evolve to fit the new digital society
  • Why digital “connectivism” is a philosophy for the digital society

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Connected! How To Live & Work In The Digital Society

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