Live Webinar – August 17th, 2017 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EDT
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Obviously, the sales team has a tremendous impact in the organization.

If sales people don’t produce, the business is negatively impacted. And that impact is felt at every level of the organization. That means keeping the sales team engaged and productive.

However, engaging the sales team might be different from other employees.

Join Sharlyn for a stimulating conversation on how to engage the company’s sales team.

This workshop, will cover:

  • Why engagement is important and the current state of engagement
  • 5 Strategies for engaging your sales team, including remote sales teams
  • How to implement an engagement strategy
  • Measuring the results of your engagement strategy

Presenter: Sharlyn Lauby (LinkedIn profile @hrbartender),  Keynote speaker and author of The HR Bartender Blog (book) has been named a Top HR Digital Influencer.  HR Bartender (blog) has been recognized as one of the Top 5 Blogs read by HR professionals by SHRM  Sharlyn is also the author of Essential Meeting Blueprints for Managers. Checkout and join Sharlyn’s HR Bartender Linked In Group today!

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5 Ways To Get Your Sales Team Fully Engaged

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