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About the Book:

Integrating Program Management and Systems Engineering: Methods, Tools, and Organizational Systems for Improving Performance  shows how organizations can become more effective, more efficient, and more responsive, and enjoy better performance outcomes.

The discussion begins with an overview of key concepts, and details the challenges faced by System Engineering and Program Management practitioners every day.

The practical framework that follows describes how the roles can be integrated successfully to streamline project workflow, with a catalog of tools for assessing and deploying best practices.

Case studies detail how real-world companies have successfully implemented the framework to improve cost, schedule, and technical performance, and coverage of risk management throughout helps you ensure the success of your organization’s own integration strategy.

Available course outlines and PowerPoint slides bring this book directly into the academic or corporate classroom, and the discussion’s practical emphasis provides a direct path to implementation.

The integration of management and technical work paves the way for smoother projects and more positive outcomes.

This book describes the integrated goal, and provides a clear framework for successful transition.

  • Overcome challenges and improve cost, schedule, and technical performance
  • Assess current capabilities and build to the level your organization needs
  • Manage risk throughout all stages of integration and performance improvement
  • Deploy best practices for teams and systems using the most effective tools

Complex engineering systems are prone to budget slips, scheduling errors, and a variety of challenges that affect the final outcome.

These challenges are a sign of failure on the part of both management and technical, but can be overcome by integrating the roles into a cohesive unit focused on delivering a high-value product. Integrating Program Management with Systems Engineering provides a practical route to better performance for your organization as a whole.


Tolitha Lewis (LinkedIn profile)

Eric Rebentisch  (LinkedIn profile) author of Integrating Program Management and Systems Engineering: Methods, Tools, and Organizational Systems for Improving Performance

David Maynard (LinkedIn profile) is a self proclaimed nerd, A BSEE an MBA, Ex NASA-JSC Engineer with a specialty in avionics and “glass” displays. As a lead engineer, principal engineer, engineering manager, and project manager he spent a long time at NASA managing a company dedicated to turning around troubled projects / programs and operations. Currently David teaches project management and PMP(r) courses at both Purdue University & Indiana University.

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