Live Webinar September 20th 2017 – 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm  EDT
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How Social Skills Can Advance Your Career

In a world of high-powered technology, many wonder if social skills and the display of good manners in the workplace are quaint, hopelessly “last century” concepts. After all, we’ve got work to do!

Many believe that such “niceties” are a costly waste of time and energy.

The truth is that, because of technology and the pressures of the 24-7 global workplace, respect and consideration for others are more critical than ever.

The display of empathy and civility actually saves careers and companies in an otherwise virtual, impersonal, often soul-less work environment.

This webcast explores why social skills are as important—arguably even more important—than they have ever been, and provides useful advice and skills that you can immediately put into action.

Today, the path to success is a combination of your business know-how and your social skills.

The good news is that manners and business etiquette are easy to learn and apply.

So take one hour out of your busy day & explore:

  • Why these “rules” are not rigid and old fashioned, but absolutely critical for career success
  • The costs to individuals and organizations in having poor business etiquette
  • Areas of interpersonal interaction which need the most attention
  • What social skills do Millennials need most?
  • Steps you can take today to hone your interpersonal skills

Learn ways to navigate the social conventions of your work environment with poise and confidence.

We encourage you to register even if you are unable to attend live; you’ll receive replay information following the event.

Follow these lessons and you can earn a good reputation that could lead to bigger and better things in your career and personal life.

Presenter: Rosanne J. Thomas Founder & President of Protocol Advisors, Inc., & author of Excuse Me, The Survival Guide to Modern Business Etiquette.provides business etiquette and international protocol training to professionals at some of the most respected organizations in the world. She also helps prepare students at top colleges and universities to achieve the highest degree of workplace success.

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