Live Webinar – October 10th, 2017 – 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EDT
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Provider: BATimes (Diversified Business Communications REP1811)

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NextGen Business Competencies
For PMs & BAs

Fast moving agile businesses need engaged teams that drive out faster testable insights for extremely reduced time from concept to cash.

NextGen Project Managers and Business Analysts meet this challenge with their own NextGen business competencies – to build shared understanding of trends, customer/market forces and organizational imperatives to drive fast value decision making.

They exert new forms of leadership to help teams of all kinds (IT and beyond) to seed their backlogs with innovative pre-flight tested, market ready ideas.

This series will be a four part deep dive into a competency wheel for new project leaders called the Discovery Leadership framework.

Developed by Kupe Kupersmith CBAP®, (LinkedIn @Kupe)President B2T Training, and Curtis Michelson (LinkedIn profile) with guidance from a global community, the framework is a holistic set of competencies grouped into four chunks.

The future is here. Amazon and others are leading the way.

What’s The Secret?

One piece is how they make high velocity, high quality decisions . Analysis paralysis and slow decision making is not what they do.

They take risks, fail fast and learn.

Today’s environment requires organizations to deal with dynamic change by making high quality decisions at a speed most are not comfortable with.

To truly take advantage of the new insights discussed in the first of the series, we’ll look into how to build a decision framework for your initiatives.

A decision framework includes determining what decisions need to be made, who decides and decision criteria used. It does NOT end when you enact a decision.

To ‘keep it real’, you need a mechanism to evaluate your decisions, learn, and, if necessary, adapt. All of this may seem easy, but it is far from easy.

Kupe will end showing how our cognitive biases like group think, confirmation bias, etc. play a major role in the process of making high quality decisions.

Course Learning Objectives Include:

  • Five essential factors that must be in place for NextGen Decision
  • Three components to building a decision framework
  • Four cognitive biases you must protect against to make high quality decisions

With the Course You Will Receive:

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Presenter: Kupe Kupersmith CBAP®, President B2T Training,

B2T Training: Since its inception in 2000, B2T Training, has focused solely on providing business analysis training and professional development. As experts in the field, B2T Training continues to shape the Business Analysis discipline and the careers of BA professionals in major corporations across the globe through its high impact training sessions and valuable resources.

Kupe Kupersmith (LinkedIn @Kupe) possesses over 14 years of experience in software systems development. He has served as the lead Business Analyst and Project Manager on projects in the Energy, television, sports management and marketing industries. Kupe, a Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®), is also internationally known for his strong mentorship of business analysis professionals.

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For PMs & BAs Part 2: Decisions

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