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In this article we will walk through the process of creating a Personal Self Directed Learning ( SDL PDU ) Plan.

Under PMI’s® new guidelines the limit on Category C SDL PDUs has increased to a maximum of 30 PDUs in a 3 Year Cycle (half of the 60 needed for recertification). One hour of Self Directed Learning is worth 1 PDU.

How Can A Mind Map Be Used As A PRIMER for Self Directed Learning?

To learn more about Mind Maps click here to find out what a Mind Map is and how they can be useful.

Mind maps are an excellent tool to assist you in earning Category C PDUs for any topic. This example uses Mind Maps to create a straw model (example) of a PDU Learning Primer© to explore leadership qualities.

In order to plan and record self directed learning with PMI® as a PDU opportunity you need to review these 3 questions:

  • What am I going to learn…..? With PMI® it is necessary to have a topic that relates to Project Management.
    • Choose your topic – Phrase it as a Smart Goal
    • What Knowledge Areas or KPAs in the PMBOK® does the topic refer to?
    • Are there specific sections of the PMBOK® that the topic references?
    • An excellent cross reference tool is the Project Management Matrix (click here) by This is a great tool and is available as an app on many different mobile platforms.
    • This information will be needed to record the information in CCRS.
  • How am I going to learn about…? In this case the question represents what resources and methods will be used to learn about this topic.
    • Find terrific resources to explore!
    • For PMI® subject matter resources and experts should be documented in your PMI® audit folder (every PMP should have one). Document the information and its location used to explore the subject.
    • NOW LEARN!
    • Keep track of your time
  • How am I going to demonstrate my learning about …….?
    • Can you talk more intelligently about the subject….great …. but ensure that for your audit folder you have something a bit more substantial.
    • Write down a few sentences that has relevance to the learning or answer some questions that you discovered in the learning process.
    • Focus comments on how the learning relates to a project you have done or about how you might have try a different technique to get better results. In other words relate this learning to your practice!

LETS BEGIN! – Leadership Qualities

Lets learn about 8 qualities of leadership. Human Resources and soft skills are a very important part of project management.

Create a Smart Goal Writing a Smart Goal – Here is our example.

Specific I will be able to define the 8 Leadership Qualities
Measurable Given the mind map of the 8 Leadership Qualities
Attainable Using resources from and other Internet resources
Relevant And develop 2 actions I can take with my direct reports to enhance my leadership
Time-based Within one month of starting my Self Directed Learning Leadership Primer©.

Lets look at a “Leadership Qualities Mind Map” on ILLUMINES site

& Eight Leadership Qualities.

A leadership map can serve as a tool for exploring the Qualities of Leadership by providing a structure for exploring the vast wealth of Leadership material on the Internet.

For each of the Leadership Qualities, to help you start your personal Leadership PDU Primer© I will suggest a few resources from and elsewhere.

Use our resources or choose your own.

Finishing Up ….

Don’t Forget to document how you met your Smart Goal for your PMI® Audit Folder.

This Learning Plan Qualifies for up to

19 Category C PDUs and 3 Category A PDUs.

Please leave comments on this article to share information with others on the resources and information you discovered and found useful when you explored this subject. Thank You.

What Is A Mind Map?


What is a Mind Map?

A mind map is a diagram with a central key word or idea. Lines and links are drawn to words or pictures and are used to represent ideas, tasks, or other items that generate a thought idea stream from the previous item. The Mind Map, arranged around a central key word then visualizes a thought process to lead to other ideas or topics. Mind Maps are very helpful in idea generation, creating pathways to resolve issues or to diagram brainstorming sessions.

The mind map differs from an outline of the topic in two aspects.

  1. First, it illustrates an elaboration from major (general) points to minor (more specific) points by the thickness of the line and the size of the font and the distance from the keyword.
  2. Second, it eliminates the prioritization of the major points that is implicit in an outline.

Mind Maps are excellent tools for learning, brainstorming and problem solving. We have featured mind maps of the PMBOK and other subjects.

Mind Maps of PMBOK Process Groups and Knowledge Areas

Conflict Management Mind Map
Career Development Framework Mind Map

Wikipedia has a List of concept mapping and mind mapping software

I’ve used Freemind for several years and been very pleased with the ability to create a mind map quickly and easily. I’ve used mind maps for project planning, vacation planning and knowledge management and organization. With the changes to the Self-Directed Learning Category for PDUs, I’ve created an SDL Primer for my 2011 PDUs.

– EdmontonPM

Idea Generation


Live IIL Webinar – 3 offerings
Duration: 1 hour Credits: 1 PDU Cat A Free
Presented by : IIL (Rep 1003) – You will need to register with IIL and sign into the site to register for this opportunity. Sign up for one of these times.

April 5 2011 – 8:00 am – 9:00 am EST or….
April 14 2011 – 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm EST or….
April 15 2011 – 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EST

Many times our managers and executives ask us to think outside the box. This webinar will address what the “box” is and various individual and group techniques for moving outside the box.

In tough economic times like we are experiencing now, it is extremely important to be able to come up with ideas to improve our businesses and generate greater revenues. Knowing how to think outside the box and to come up with the next great idea are imperative to surviving in the current atmosphere. Benefits of this webinar include:

  • Learning several individual methods of idea generation
  • Learning several group methods of idea generation
  • Understanding various ways to force your mind to be creative
  • Examining examples of idea generation in various industries

What Your Will Learn
Upon completion of this webinar, the participants will learn:

  • What is the “box” and what’s in it?
  • Mind Mapping, attribute transformation, and changing the environmental factors
  • Which idea generation techniques can be used in virtual teams as well as in collocated teams
  • How these techniques have been used in the past to create great ideas

Our Presenters
The outstanding quality of our faculty serves as the hallmark of IIL, distinguishing us in our profession. Our webinar presenters are elite in terms of their extensive industry backgrounds as well as practical classroom experience. Your presenter will communicate real-world knowledge that imparts a sense of fun and discovery – preparing and motivating you to apply your new skills in the workplace.

Click here to register for this opportunity.

This webinar can be found under the featured free webinars tab.


This is a very useful PMBOK Study Tool / Reference

Mind Maps are an excellent way of communicating information visually. They have a wide range of applications – decision making, risk planning and process flows are examples. They are an excellent tool for communications in Project Management.

S. Babou created these Project Management Mind Maps as a coaching activity for PMs. The Maps present process groups & processes within those process groups. These files are excellent for studying for PMP Exam or for assisting in directing your PM activities.

View the 4th Edition PMBOK Mind Map of
Process Groups and Knowledge Areas
On the Leadership Champions page

Here are some other useful Mind Maps:

Conflict Management Mind Map
Career Development Framework Mind Map

These Project Management Mind Maps are featured on the Leadership Champions Site which provides great resources for Project Managers. This site, presented by Babou was created to assist and contribute to Project Management community – by finding new methods of managing projects and people.

Babou has a passion for Leadership topics in Project Management and looks to make most out of it by sharing his lessons learned with others. Areas of interest on the site include Communication, Risk management, Strategy.

Click here to go to the Leadership Champions Site.

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NOTE: For PMI® Audit Purposes – Print Out This Post! Take notes on this page during the presentation and also indicate the Date & Time you attended. Note any information from the presentation you found useful to your professional development and place it in your audit folder.