Live Webinar October 28th, 2014 – 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm EDT
By: The Corporate Education Group (REP 1011)
Duration: 1 Hour Credits: 1 Category A PDU – Free PDU

Personas and user stories are a simple, yet highly effective method for capturing better requirements of different types of users.

User stories are a brief description of functionality that a user needs from a solution to meet a business objective.

Personas bring a fictitious user to life based on either assumptions or data collected through research, and can represent different types of uses within a single social group.

Personas provide business analysts with a tool to really understand users. Coupled with user stories, business analysts have the ability to understand what different types of users expect from a solution and how to segment its scope.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Describe requirements from the user’s perspective with light-weight user stories
  • Understand users better and more thoroughly through personas
  • Write user stories using a narrative template
  • Develop personas using one or more perspectives
  • Understand requirements through personas and user stories

About the Presenter: Dr. Martin Schedlbauer (LinkedIn profile) has been leading and authoring seminars and workshops in business analysis, software engineering, and project management for over twenty years. Martin, an accomplished BA subject matter expert, is a recognized leader in software development practices, a practicing scrum master, experienced software architect, and also serves as an advisor for several industry conferences.

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Live Webinar – October 28th, 2014 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EDT
Duration: 1 Hour PDU Credits: 1 PDU Category C – Free PDU
Sponsored by: DCG – David Consulting Group (REP 3525)

Note: Although DCG is an Rep this event may not have a course number contact DCG for further information

Miss this webinar the first time? It’s back again!

Join David Herron for his most popular webinar topic of 2014: How to Sell Function Point Analysis to Your Manager.

You’re convinced that Function Point Analysis would improve your company’s development and deployment.

As someone involved in the day-to-day aspects of these tasks, you know the impact that this would make. But your biggest hurdle is convincing senior management that this is a worthwhile investment.

We know how hard that can be. David Herron (LinkedIn profile) has had years of experience in explaining and demonstrating the value of Function Point Analysis to senior IT staff.

In this webinar, David will share his insights into successfully selling Function Point Analysis to your manager.

PDU Category C (PMBOK 5) documentation details:

Process Groups: Executing

Knowledge Areas: 4- Integration 5 – Scope 8 – Quality

  • 4.1 Develop Project Charter
  • 4.2 Develop Project Management Plan
  • 5.3 Define Scope
  • 13.3 Manage Stakeholder Engagement

As a Category C ‘Self Directed Learning Activity’ remember to document your learning experience and its relationship to project management for your ‘PDU Audit Trail Folder’

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During the webinar, join the conversation on Twitter using #DCGwebinar.

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Presented by: PDUs2go (Rep 1637)
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Never before has a faculty of expert authors and professional speakers been assembled with a comprehensive course on Communicating for Results in business. With over 30 contributing speakers, this audio course on communications is the perfect resource to help you master communications in a diverse set of business situations.

Earn 60 PDUs for your recertification
Communicating for Results

You will learn how to pick the perfect communications medium for various types of messages from informative communications, communicating timelines, leadership communications and more. In this course you will learn from the best on how to choose the perfect form of communications to structure your messages for optimum results:

  • Public speaking
  • Email communications
  • Leading meeting
  • One on one meetings
  • Phone communications
  • Written communications
  • Text messages
  • Social Media

Once you learn the best practices in each form of communications, you will be able to lead your teams and communicate in the clearest format possible. For the leader who is managing a diverse team in diverse situations, this course will help you communicate with authority in any situation.

Learn On The Go with PDUs2GO

With viewpoints from over 20 best selling authors and experts, you will gain a unique perspective on the best methods to manage the unique aspects of your business, clients, team members and management.

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» Are You Listening , by Marsha Petrie Sue
» The Art of Conscious Communications, by Audrey Nelson
» Be Heard and Be Trusted, by Tom Marcoux
» Building Rapport to Achieve More, by Dianna Booher
» Building Winning Relationships, by Zig Ziglar
» Communicating Beyond Your Own Style, by Jennifer Sedlock
» Communicating Effectively with Email, by Laura Stack
» Communicating for Results from Conflict to Cooperation, by Marilyn Sherman
» Communication – The Master Skill to Powerful Relationships, by Bryan Tracy
» Communication Skills to Influence, by Chris Widener
» Connecting in a Disconnected World, by Shawna Schuh
» Connecting: High-Powered Strategies for Successful Communications,
by Elizabeth Jeffries
» Conversational Charisma, by Brad Worthley
» Dealing with Difficult People, by Dianna Booher
» Effective Communication Skills , by Marjorie Brody
» The Five C’s of Good Communication, by Laura Stack
» He Speaks, She Speaks, by Audrey Nelson
» How to Give an Elevator Speech, by Brian Walter
» How to Influence People with Powerful Communication, by Brad Worthley
» Instant Rapport Building, by Larry Iverson
» It’s What You Don’t Say That Counts, by Vanna Novak
» Non-Verbal Communication, by Tony Alessandra
» Perils of Profanity, by Daniel Lapin
» Power Listening, by Tony Alessandra
» Power of Communication Technology, by Mike Siegel
» Power of Non-Verbal Communication, by Mike Siegel
» Power of Persuasive Communication, by Mike Siegel
» The Psychology of Nonverbal Vocabulary, by Larry Iverson
» Public Speaking Success Secrets , by Marsha Petrie Sue
» Results Oriented Communication Skills of a Pro, by Nido Qubein
» The Six Laws of Approachability, by Laura Stack
» Snipers, Steamrollers, and Chronic Complainers, by Pamela Jett Aal
» Speak with Confidence – Thinking on Your Feet, by Dianna Booher
» Speed Reading for Success, by Jane Smith
» Strategies of Influence, by Larry Iverson
» Surviving & Thriving with Difficult People, by Eileen McDargh
» Victors Without Victims, by Audrey Nelson
» Winning Together Through Conflict Management, by Marsha Petrie Sue
» Words Matter: What to Say, by Pamela Jett Aal
» Yes, I Can Say No, by Colette Carlson

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Live Webinar October 10th, 2014 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm EDT
Duration: 1 hour webinar Credits: 1 PDU Category A – $20 USD PDU
Presented by: Solutions Cube Group (REP 2451)

This webinar is the first of a series on Requirements and Definitions by Solutions Cube.  Although this module is a part of the series – each module in the series can be taken individually.

In many companies, the Requirements Definition process fails to define the “real” business need for a project.

What may appear to be a great solutions are often developed without any tie to the real project needs. Unfortunately, the discovery of missing, out of scope, or poorly defined requirements often happens much too late in the project life-cycle leading to project failure.

Avoiding these costly mistakes requires a clear understanding of the requirements definition process and the right tools and techniques to define complete requirements for a project.

Learn how to create a requirements definition foundation that engages the right stakeholders, alignment on the project scope and progressive elaboration techniques for maintaining the right level of focus throughout the requirements definition life-cycle.

In this webinar participants learn about:

  • How to use the Project Scope Statement deliverables to guide the team’s creation of “real” project need and project solution statements
  • How to use collaborative techniques to lead team members through requirements creation activities
  • How to use the Wave Concept to progressively build requirements using collaborative techniques
  • Techniques for ensuring the Requirements Definition efforts are on the right track, from the onset of the project

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Presented by: PDUs2go (Rep 1637)
PDUs:60 Price: $597.00

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Do you find yourself continually racing against time? Do you feel that you have so much to do that it’s difficult to get anything done? Managing time effectively is the key to managing your individual performance, but it’s much more complicated today than making a list and checking things off.

Earn 60 PDUs for your recertification
Managing Projects in the speed of time

Jennifer Whitt, PMP introduces you how to create a time management system that works for you. Learn how to set priorities and focus on what’s truly important; plan and schedule your day; and manage your calendar and tasks. You’ll organize your paper and email; learn how to efficiently use social media; and eliminate time wasters in your day.

You’ll gain scores of new ideas from Laura Stack aka The Productivity Pro®  on increasing output without increasing effort and performing at your matchless best! This program is accompanied by a detailed self-study workbook containing exercises, checklists, tools, and templates to apply your learning as you listen in the car, on the go or at your desk.

Learn On The Go with PDUs2GO

With viewpoints from over 20 best selling authors and experts, you will gain a unique perspective on the best methods to manage the unique aspects of your business, clients, team members and management.

Also included are relaxation techniques from psychologists and hypnotherapists to help you easily manage the moving parts and deadlines of your projects without losing sleep.

  • Featuring 20 speakers, best selling authors, doctors, psychologists and experts
  • Includes The Ultimate Time Management System featuring the Productivity Pro® Planner by DayTimer
  • Stay calm and collected while achieving amazing results

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> The 6-D System, by Laura Stack
> The 9 Secrets to Time Mastery, by Larry Iverson
> Amp Up Your Mental Health, by Mache Seibel
> Communicating Effectively with Email, by Laura Stack
> Controlling Your Day in an Uncontrollable World, by Laura Stack
> Courage – Predictability = Recklessness, by Lonnie Pacelli
> Creating a System that Works for YOU, by Laura Stack
> Creating Your Signature Work (Secular), by Dianna Booher
> Digital Quicksand: Avoiding Social Media OCD, by Laura Stack
> Emptying Your Inbox, by Laura Stack
> Fire Up Your Brain!, by Larry Iversonr
> Focusing on Your Work, by Laura Stack
> Freedom From Anxiety, by Crystal Dwyer
> Get Rid of Stress & Burnout, by Laura Stack
> Go For the Gold, by Marsha Petrie Sue
> How to Get More Done with Less Stress, by Sarita Maybin
> How to Overcome Stress & Pressure, by Larry Iverson
> I’ve Got One Nerve Left and You’re Standing On It, by Karyn Buxman
> Important Components of a Time Management System, by Laura Stack
> It’s About Time Management, by Marsha Petrie Sue
> Keep Your Job, Your Family, and Your Sanity, by Laura Stack
> Leading Under Pressure and Making a Difference, by Sheila Murray Bethel
> Learn to Make Life Happen for You, by Crystal Dwyer
> Managing Your Time, by Laura Stack
> Organizing Your Office and Your Life, by Laura Stack
> Peace of Mind, by Larry Iverson
> Relaxing at Speed, by Jeff Davidson
> Ridiculous Bliss at Work, by Matthew Ferry
> Running Toward Your Team Goals, by Jennifer Sedlock
> Simplify Your Life, by Bryan Tracy
> Sometimes You’re the Bug and Sometimes You’re the Windshield, by Pamela Jett Aal
> Stop Worry Now, by Crystal Dwyer
> Stress Management for Better Life Balance, by Kimberly Alyn
> Stress Relief Visualization Technique, by Lorraine Howell
> Tackling Timewasters, by Laura Stack
> Taking Time, by Marsha Wieder
> Time Management, by Laura Stack
> The Ultimate Time Management Workbook, by Laura Stack
> The Ultimate Time-Management Seminar, by Chris Widener
> Using Time or Abusing it, by John Maxwell

Learn & Recertify with 60 PDUs

Outsourcing Requirements Discovery


Live Webinar October 1st, 2014 – 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EDT
Offered by IAG Consulting (REP 2858)
Duration 1 hour 1 PDU or 1 CDU 1 Category A – Free PDU

This session is for project managers that sometimes need to contract externally for requirements discovery services in order to make their project a success.

This session shares hard facts, case studies, and a wealth of experience in successful – and not so successful – contracting approaches for the senior project manager. Supercharging a project by accelerating the requirements discovery phase is a solid strategy – but how do you ensure the company will get solid business value from the activity?

3 Learning Objectives from this Session:

  • Effective analyst engagements models that drive value
  • Red flags in your review cycle: clear signals that you have, or will have, issues with your requirements discovery team.
  • Setting targets for timetable and turnaround: what should you expect from a top notch analyst team?

You will have to register for either the live or recorded session

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