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Do you find yourself continually racing against time? Do you feel that you have so much to do that it’s difficult to get anything done? Managing time effectively is the key to managing your individual performance, but it’s much more complicated today than making a list and checking things off.

Earn 60 PDUs for your recertification
Managing Projects in the speed of time

Jennifer Whitt, PMP introduces you how to create a time management system that works for you. Learn how to set priorities and focus on what’s truly important; plan and schedule your day; and manage your calendar and tasks. You’ll organize your paper and email; learn how to efficiently use social media; and eliminate time wasters in your day.

You’ll gain scores of new ideas from Laura Stack aka The Productivity Pro®  on increasing output without increasing effort and performing at your matchless best! This program is accompanied by a detailed self-study workbook containing exercises, checklists, tools, and templates to apply your learning as you listen in the car, on the go or at your desk.

Learn On The Go with PDUs2GO

With viewpoints from over 20 best selling authors and experts, you will gain a unique perspective on the best methods to manage the unique aspects of your business, clients, team members and management.

Also included are relaxation techniques from psychologists and hypnotherapists to help you easily manage the moving parts and deadlines of your projects without losing sleep.

  • Featuring 20 speakers, best selling authors, doctors, psychologists and experts
  • Includes The Ultimate Time Management System featuring the Productivity Pro® Planner by DayTimer
  • Stay calm and collected while achieving amazing results

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> The 6-D System, by Laura Stack
> The 9 Secrets to Time Mastery, by Larry Iverson
> Amp Up Your Mental Health, by Mache Seibel
> Communicating Effectively with Email, by Laura Stack
> Controlling Your Day in an Uncontrollable World, by Laura Stack
> Courage – Predictability = Recklessness, by Lonnie Pacelli
> Creating a System that Works for YOU, by Laura Stack
> Creating Your Signature Work (Secular), by Dianna Booher
> Digital Quicksand: Avoiding Social Media OCD, by Laura Stack
> Emptying Your Inbox, by Laura Stack
> Fire Up Your Brain!, by Larry Iversonr
> Focusing on Your Work, by Laura Stack
> Freedom From Anxiety, by Crystal Dwyer
> Get Rid of Stress & Burnout, by Laura Stack
> Go For the Gold, by Marsha Petrie Sue
> How to Get More Done with Less Stress, by Sarita Maybin
> How to Overcome Stress & Pressure, by Larry Iverson
> I’ve Got One Nerve Left and You’re Standing On It, by Karyn Buxman
> Important Components of a Time Management System, by Laura Stack
> It’s About Time Management, by Marsha Petrie Sue
> Keep Your Job, Your Family, and Your Sanity, by Laura Stack
> Leading Under Pressure and Making a Difference, by Sheila Murray Bethel
> Learn to Make Life Happen for You, by Crystal Dwyer
> Managing Your Time, by Laura Stack
> Organizing Your Office and Your Life, by Laura Stack
> Peace of Mind, by Larry Iverson
> Relaxing at Speed, by Jeff Davidson
> Ridiculous Bliss at Work, by Matthew Ferry
> Running Toward Your Team Goals, by Jennifer Sedlock
> Simplify Your Life, by Bryan Tracy
> Sometimes You’re the Bug and Sometimes You’re the Windshield, by Pamela Jett Aal
> Stop Worry Now, by Crystal Dwyer
> Stress Management for Better Life Balance, by Kimberly Alyn
> Stress Relief Visualization Technique, by Lorraine Howell
> Tackling Timewasters, by Laura Stack
> Taking Time, by Marsha Wieder
> Time Management, by Laura Stack
> The Ultimate Time Management Workbook, by Laura Stack
> The Ultimate Time-Management Seminar, by Chris Widener
> Using Time or Abusing it, by John Maxwell

Learn & Recertify with 60 PDUs

Outsourcing Requirements Discovery


Live Webinar October 1st, 2014 – 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EDT
Offered by IAG Consulting (REP 2858)
Duration 1 hour 1 PDU or 1 CDU 1 Category A – Free PDU

This session is for project managers that sometimes need to contract externally for requirements discovery services in order to make their project a success.

This session shares hard facts, case studies, and a wealth of experience in successful – and not so successful – contracting approaches for the senior project manager. Supercharging a project by accelerating the requirements discovery phase is a solid strategy – but how do you ensure the company will get solid business value from the activity?

3 Learning Objectives from this Session:

  • Effective analyst engagements models that drive value
  • Red flags in your review cycle: clear signals that you have, or will have, issues with your requirements discovery team.
  • Setting targets for timetable and turnaround: what should you expect from a top notch analyst team?

You will have to register for either the live or recorded session

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Live Webinar September 25th, 2014 – 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm  EDT
Duration: 1 hour webinar Credits: 1 PDU Category A – Free PDU
Sponsored by: PMI Requirements Management CoP (REP #S055)

No one likes working on misguided projects, or efforts that don’t meet business needs, or projects doomed for failure.

Through this presentation, you will learn a repeatable process for creating a bulletproof business case that increases the odds of project support and success. Help contribute to your organization’s bottom line with bulletproof business cases!

Attendees will be able to:

  • Describe the essential components of an effective business case
  • Plan a business case effort using an approach that helps you function as a trusted advisor to your organization
  • Select appropriate techniques for determining root causes of business problems or the main drivers of opportunities
  • Avoid common pitfalls when recommending or justifying projects
  • Name the essential factors to analyze when exploring the feasibility of a business case
  • List the four most important cost-benefit analysis measures and what they are used for.

Presenter: – Richard Larson, PMP, CBAP President and Founder of Watermark Learning, Richard Larson has over 30 years of experience in business analysis, project management, training, and consulting. Rich is a frequent speaker at Business Analysis and Project Management conferences and author of CBAP Certification Study Guide (2nd Edition). He was the Review Chair for the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge version 2.0 and co-lead for the Collect Requirements chapter of the Project Management Body of Knowledge, 4th edition.

Note: You do have to be a PMI® member to register for this opportunity.

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Live Webinar September16th, 2014 11:00 am – 12:00 pm EDT
Duration: 1 Hour  Credits: 1 PDU/CDU  Cat B – Free PDU/CDU
Presented by: IIBA

The exercise of requirement gathering and analysis for software applications has been around for quite some time.

However, do the conventionally used yardsticks and guiding principles of business analysis, still hold ground in the face of the disruptive mobile technologies today?

While they definitely do, there is a strongly-felt need, for an additional cognizance of the Mobility Factor.

The Mobility Factor drives several considerations while building a mobile solution.

These include the ones brought about by the unique characteristics of the mobile platform:

  • limited screen space,
  • availability of native device features,
  • the ‘on-the-move’ behavior of the user/device etc.

However, it is important to note that mobility is not just about making things work on the mobile platform; it’s also about doing them better as compared to conventional platforms.

Right from improving the workflows of the business process to capturing data with greater accuracy and delivering the best user experience, the Mobility Factor brings in umpteen opportunities for improvisation in the form of the mobile solution.

This webinar will discuss how you, as a Business Analyst, can style your work to incorporate the Mobility Factor. We will cover a range of mobile-specific considerations that can help you design your mobile solution to best address your business needs.

Upon Completion, You Will Understand:

  1. Leveraging features provided by the mobile platform
  2. Using mobility to enhance/improve the business solution
  3. Delivering a good user experience on the mobile device

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The Four Levels of Agile Requirements


Live Webinar August 28th, 2014 – 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm EDT
Duration: 1 hour webinar Credits: 1 PDU Category A – Free PDU
Sponsored by: PMI Requirements Management CoP (REP #S055)

Don’t you just love the word ‘Requirements’?
It’s so clear isn’t it – NOT!

This webinar is dedicated to discussing the 4 levels of requirements and why it is important to gather the right level at the right time and not dive into the details too early.

Sally Elatta will discuss 4 techniques for slicing EPICs into smaller deliverables and also share how you can use Business Value Points for prioritizing features.

Whether or not you’re using Agile:
You will absolutely walk away with tips to help you improve your current requirements approach.

Note: You do have to be a PMI® member to register for this opportunity.

Presenter: Sally Elatta, (LinkedIn profile) one of PMIs® LEAD Experts, is a dynamic Coach, Trainer and Public Speaker who is passionate about transforming individuals, teams and organizations into improving their project management and software development practices and delivering business value early and often. She is a certified ScrumMaster, Scrum Practitioner, Certified by IBM, Microsoft and Sun.  Sally also publishes several short learning videos on

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Live Webinar – Recorded February 27th, 2013
Offered by BATimes (Diversified Business Comms REP 1811)
Duration 1 Hr 1 Cat A PDU/CDUs – Free PDU 1 PDU / CDU

Development Peer Review Is Effective
It Ensures A Higher Quality Product

Unfortunately, peer reviews of requirements documents often aren’t held when intended and those that are performed don’t always go as intended. Reviewers take only a superficial look and they often miss major defects that lurk in the specification, leading to delivery of a poor quality product.

In this webinar, Karl Wiegers, a best-selling author and speaker on requirements management and software peer reviews, gives practical advice to make requirements peer reviews more effective and encourage prospective reviewers to participate.

Listen in as Karl shares:

  • An overview of the peer review formality spectrum
  • Major characteristics of reviews
  • Five steps you can take to improve peer reviews of requirements

Presenter: Karl E. Wiegers (LinkedIn profile) Principal Consultant Process Impact has provided training and consulting services worldwide on many aspects of software development, management and process improvement.

Karl is the author of many books including:

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