De-Mystifying the WBS


Live Webinar – February 27th, 2015 – 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EST
Duration: 1 hour webinar Credits: 1 PDU Category A – 1 Free PDU
Presented by: Solutions Cube Group (REP 2451)

A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
Overview Webinar

The creation of a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for a project is often a misunderstood if not a daunting project activity.

Project teams often misunderstand the purpose and uses of the WBS confusing it with the Project Plan or Project Schedule.

The WBS and the Project Schedule do have a relationship, but they are not interchangeable deliverables.

During this Solutions Cube Group webinar: De-Mystifying The WBS, attendees will gain an understanding on the characteristics of a WBS and understand how this project deliverable is vital blueprint for reducing project failures associated with missed or misunderstood project requirements.

Solutions Cube Group’s webinars address many relevant project issues and close the gap between project theory and practical application.

In this overview level recorded Webinar participants learn about:

  • Characteristics of well defined Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • The relationship between a WBS and a Project Schedule
  • Methods for progressively elaborating on the content in the WBS
  • Components that help ensure the WBS developed for the project is complete
  • Clearly differentiating between “What” outcome is being built as a result of the project versus “How” to build it

Join them for this presentation and learn about the uses of the Work Breakdown Structure and how to ensure it clearly represents the full scope of the project effort.

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Live Webinar – February 17th, 2015 12:00-1:00  PM EST
Duration:1 hour – 1 Category A PDU – Free PDU
Offered by Beyond20 (REP #2842)

Think Scrum is only for software development?
Think again!

While Scrum is most often applied to software development, this workshop will explore how Scrum concepts can be applied to ITIL-based service and process improvement efforts.

At the very heart of the ITIL framework is a focus on design, development, deployment, support, and ongoing improvement of IT services based on business needs.

This webinar will show how the addition of Agile concepts can enhance the quality and consistency in delivering IT services to customers.

Presented by: Erika Flora PMP, PgMP, ITIL Expert ( LinkedIn profile, @erikaflora )Specializing in Microsoft EPM tools, PMP, PgMP, IT, ITIL, ITSM, biotech, pharmaceuticals, drug development, networking, writing, speaking, training/mentoring, small business development, womens issues, non-profit strategy and growth – Erika is a scientist by training. Her expertise is in process improvement, technology implementation, and training/mentoring.

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Live Webinar January 28th, 2015 – 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm EST
By: Corporate Education Group ( REP 1011 ) Course Id: BAW1302
Duration: 1 Hour Credits: 1 Category A PDU – Free PDU

When it comes to running a requirements workshop, the business analyst is in a bit of a tough situation; it’s hard to facilitate a group and to get the requirements at the same time.

Meetings drag on and on, users change their minds, they can’t agree amongst themselves, or the scope keeps changing.

In this webinar, you’ll learn some key facilitation techniques to make your working sessions with users more effective.

Learning objectives include:

  • A simple and straight forward technique to plan an effective requirements gathering session
  • What to do before the workshop to make the session successful
  • How to keep the workshop focused and moving
  • Tips and techniques for dealing with difficult situations like the non-stop talker, the dominator, and the quiet one and the group that can’t agree on anything

About the presenter: Phil Vincent (LinkedIn profile), PMP®, CBAP®, Certified ScrumMaster, and Certified Rational Solution Designer, is a professional coach and consultant to business analysis and project management professionals in organizations all across the United States and Canada. Phil also teaches business analysis programs to professionals, and will draw on these experiences to provide you with proven techniques for effectively collaborating with your project stakeholders to elicit accurate requirements.

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Live Webinar FJanuary 30th, 2015 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EST
Duration: 1 hour webinar Credits: 1 PDU Category A – $20 USD PDU
Presented by: Solutions Cube Group (REP 2451)

Uncertainty Is Not The Same As Risk

As with many things in life, all projects are subject to uncertainty, however uncertainty is not the same as “risk”. Because all projects are initiated to produce change in the current environment, risk during the project lifecycle is a natural occurrence.

Project Risks can be negative “threats” to be minimized as well as positive “opportunities” to be exploited during the life of a project. Effective Project Risk Management recognizes both types of risks and is the key contributor to “project success”, but effective Risk Management doesn’t just happen – it is orchestrated and managed throughout the project lifecycle.

The Risk Management Series of in depth webinars will introduce participants to techniques for defining a Risk Management Process and using this process to progressively build a Risk Register including: identifying risks using a Risk Meta-Language, Assessing Risks with quantitative techniques, understanding the 8 risk responses and selecting the appropriate Risk Response for the project risks and monitoring risks throughout the project.

In this 1 hour in-depth webinar participants learn:

  • The difference between Project Risk and Uncertainty
  • The value of including Opportunities and Threats in the scope of risk management
  • How to recognize the characteristics of a successful risk management effort
  • How to avoid factors that lead to failed risk management activities
  • The steps for preparing to run a successful risk management effort

Solutions Cube Group’s Preparing for the Successful Risk Management Effort will help your project teams understand the characteristics of a successful risk management effort. Instructors will share techniques that can be used on every risk management effort to understand the risk culture of an organization and achieve a more effective risk management effort that balances the impacts of project uncertainties with the effort needed to prevent or encourage the uncertain events.

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Live Webinar January 21st, 2015 11:00 am – 12:00 pm EDT
Duration: 1 hour  Credits: 1 PDU Category B  – Free PDU
Presented By: PROJECTinsight (Metafuse Inc)
In Cooperation With: Core Performance Concepts (Rep #1399)

Note: Please record this as a Category B Presentation – You will receive a Category B certificate from PROJECTInsight

This session provides a general overview and context for IT methodology. It references a number of industry recognized IT frameworks, IT methodologies, IT lifecycles and delivery approaches.

By the end of this webinar, you will have gained a better understanding of these methodologies, their origins, scope and applicability.

Who should attend:

  • Project managers, Portfolio managers,
  • Project team members, Project Leads,
  • Project sponsors & function/business unit managers,
  • Subject Matter Experts, Business Analysts, Scheduling Specialists and ….
  • Other business stakeholders.

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Harmonizing Agility & Discipline


Live Webinar – December 3rd, 2014 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EST
Offered by IAG Consulting (REP 2858)
Duration 1 hour 1 PDU / 1 CDU 1 Category A PDU – Free PDU

Demystify a wide range of agile & traditional requirements / development methodologies!

This session looks at the strengths and weaknesses of each approach and gives prescriptive guidelines to requirements leadership looking to improve results by striking a better balance between agile and disciplined practices.

These practices are not mutually exclusive – the real issue is to look at your current circumstances and find the right balance to maximize success.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Look at the structure of agility and discipline-based methods
  2. Provide guidelines for adding agile practices to traditional software development environments
  3. Provide guidelines for reapplying traditional development practices to the agile software development environment.

This session refocuses the agility versus discipline dialogue.

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