Online Webinar
Offered by ESI International (REP 1038)
Duration 1 hour 1 PDU or 1 CDU – 1 Cat A Free

The challenges facing the acquisition workforce have never been greater. Agencies are receiving government stimulus funds which must be quickly and efficiently awarded. Yet, at the same time, stringent new policies are being enforced.

To help the acquisition workforce achieve success in these challenging times, agencies can leverage the effectiveness of the Integrated Project Team (IPT) approach to acquisitions.

Evidence shows that an acquisition IPT composed of the right people and empowered to achieve success can reduce acquisition cycle time by 30% to 60%.

Download this Webinar to learn:

  • The key benefits of an acquisition IPT
  • How to structure and select members
  • Techniques for getting the most productivity out of your team
  • Best practices that will help ensure your acquisition IPT achieves its goals and objectives

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