Online Webinar – International Project Management Day 2011
This Session Presented by: Christa Kirby MA, LCAT, PMP – VP Global Comm. IIL
This session Duration 20 Min Credits: 0.25 PDU Category A
IPM Day 2011 Sponsored by: IIL and Partners (Rep# 1003)

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  • Is there a correlation between leadership success and Emotional Intelligence across cultures?
  • Can efforts to develop the Emotional Intelligence Quotient (“EQ”) of individuals impact the overall performance of a team…
  • Or the outcome of a project?

In this presentation, Christa (LinkedIn profile) will interweave theory with methodology, stories and photos, bringing to life experiences from her most recent trip to Kabul in April, 2011.

The focus of this case study is a USAID-funded long-term project with a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Afghanistan.

Christa will guide you through an intensive training workshop she designed to help unite two separate and competitive groups – operating under the same “parent” NGO – into a cohesive, collaborative team.

Incorporating insights from Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions Theory, this presentation will also explore recent research on Emotional Intelligence within a global business context.

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