Live Webinar – November 21st 2017 7:30 am – 8:30 am EST
Live Webinar – November 21st 2017 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM BT
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Provider: Association for Project Management – APM

Note:  The NEC4 family of contract was completely updated in July this year. This independent review highlights the (mainly) good, the bad and ugly changes in the update.

NEC4 Suite Of Contracts reflect procurement and project management developments and emerging standard. This emerging best practice improves flexibility, clarity and the ease of administration in the civil engineering and construction industries, and also the power, water; oil & gas; IT and consultancy sectors.

The NEC family of contracts is now not just used widely in the technical engineering and construction industries and consultancy sectors both in the UK and abroad.

It’s original objectives were  aimed to:

  • Be more flexible in terms of what it can be used for and the contract strategies that can be adopted;
  • Have greater clarity and simplicity, so that it is easier to understand and use; and
  • Stimulate good project management.

NEC4 – the fourth edition – of the family was launched in July and has since been subject to a fair amount of review. This two part webinar identifies and reviews the changes made as well as highlighting changes that have not been made.

The second webinar looks at the changes which affect contract strategy e.g. additions to the family; alterations to main payment options and changes made to the secondary option clauses, including the dispute options.

This part of the NEC4 webinar series, will focus on the changes in the Engineering and Construction Contract with a focus on the payment, programme, early warning and compensation event clauses.


Dr Jon Broome (LinkedIn profile) is the managing consultant for leading edge projects consulting ltd and chair of the APM Contracts & Procurement SIG.  Jon has hands-on experience of contributing to innovative procurements, both on the client and contractor side. Jon co-edited the soon to be released ‘APM’s Guide to the Procurement and Management of Contracts for Projects and Programmes’, which includes the trend towards outcome based procurements and contracts. Jon co-authored a Slideshare ‘An Agile Approach to Contracts and Procurement in the “Contracting Jungle”‘.

John Lake has 30+ years.experience in technical, project and general management. With his electronic’s degree, he has held positions within companies ranging from SME’s to large corporations. John  has experience of both sides of the subcontracting equation and is keen to share this knowledge base with others and wishes to promote best practices within the professional project management community.

This first webinar, gave a quick introduction to the NEC family’s background and the objectives for NEC4.

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