Online Webinar  – Recorded March 17th 2015
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Delivering higher-value projects in increasingly shorter timeframes sustains competitiveness.

Challenges exist at every turn; risk must be understood and mitigated, and problems recognized and solved quickly.

Adaptive reasoning and problem-solving skills have become increasingly important in project management, where decisions based on sometimes sparse, voluminous, or contradictory data must be dealt with, verified and conveyed to a diversity of team members – often under stressful, time-sensitive circumstances.

In such situations, project managers’ ability to update their mental models precisely, draw valid conclusions, and effectively deploy response through team members is critical.

This presentation discusses how advancements in adaptive reasoning and problem-solving skills resulting from the development of structured approaches to innovation are changing perceptions of project deliverables (time, quality, cost, risk management, et al).

Presenter: Dana W. Clarke, Sr. (LinkedIn profile) President/CEO of Applied Innovation Alliance LLC, specializes on the advancement and practical application of Structured Innovation and TRIZ (The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving).  Author of TRIZ: Through the Eyes of an American TRIZ Specialist & 40 Principles: TRIZ Keys to Innovation [Extended Edition]  His expertise encompasses the practical applications, consulting, facilitation and training of methodologies and business practices. As an expert in Strategic Planning, Competitive Intelligence, Business Process Innovation, Quality Function Deployment, and TRIZ. Dana became the first American to become internationally recognized as a Level 4 TRIZ Specialist by the International Association of TRIZ.

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The Role Of Adaptive Reasoning &
Problem Solving In Project Management

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