Requirements Facilitation Workshop


Live Webinar – Recorded August 2014
Offered by ASPE (REP 2161) 1 Category A PDU – Free PDU
Course ID:  WS07301

Understanding the real scope of any project is vital to controlling the project.

As a project manager or business analyst, it is key to first document the initial scope of the project and then direct, monitor and control the scope through Requirements Management techniques.

Learning these techniques provide the ability to more easily control the quality issues, costs, time and risks associated with on-going scope creep associated with requirements changes.

In this seminar you will:

  • Review the role of a facilitator in running a Requirements Workshop.
  • Learn the phases of a workshop and building the “Heart” of a workshop’s agenda.
  • Review useful facilitation techniques along with failures and critical success factors.
  • And more…

Presenter: Bob Keith

PDU Documentation Details (PMBOK 5):

Process Groups: Executing
Knowledge Areas: 4- Integration 5 – Scope 8 – Quality

  • 5.1 Plan Scope Management
  • 5.2 Collect Requirements
  • 5.5 Validate Scope

As a Category C ‘Self Directed Learning Activity’ remember to document your learning experience and its relationship to project management for your ‘PDU Audit Trail Folder’

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Online Webinar – Offered by
(Diversified Business Communications REP 1811)

Duration 2 Hours 2 Category A PDU/CDUs -  Free PDUs

Note: IAG is the presenter but the session is offered by Diversified Business Communications

Description Of The Course:

This webinar will provide Business Analysts and Project Managers with essential techniques and specific guidelines for gathering and defining the right kind of requirements needed for inclusion in an RFP for the selection of a vendor for application software.

In order for Business Analysts and Project Managers to perform effective and efficient vendor evaluation, the business requirements need to be appropriately defined and structured.

If you have struggled with strategies for commercial-off-the-shelf software acquisition, what level of detail is needed in an RFP, when and how to involve the vendors, what research is required, and what templates to use, then spend two hours with us to help you set the right path for success with your next COTS project.

Get answers to these questions:

  • How are the methods for defining requirements for a software product different than for custom developed solution?
  • How is the documentation of business requirements different when they’re being written for vendor selection?
  • How much detail is needed for an RFP?
  • How do I know what to exclude and include?
  • How do we accommodate changing requirements?
  • When do we hold vendor demonstrations?

Learning Objectives For The Course:

  • How to understand the unique aspects of a defining requirement for COTS vs. custom developed software
  • Learn the specific strategies for collecting the requirements to be included in an RFP
  • Understand the essential types of requirements, sufficient level of detail, and best format for requirements to be included in a Software RFP

Included in the course:

  • Access to the Recorded Version of Webinar
  • Personalized Certificate of Attendance
  • Copy of Presentation Slides
  • RFP Outline Template
  • Vendor Scorecard Template
  • Vendor Scorecard Template

Speaker: Keith Ellis, (LinkedIn profile) Vice President, IAG

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Live Webinar March 12th, 2015 11:00 am – 12:30 pm EDT
Duration: 1 Hour 30 Min Credits: 1 PDU Category A – Free PDU
Presented by: Computer Aid Inc IT Metrics & Productivity Institute (Rep 2733)

If you want to be successful as a project manager, or to make a positive impact on your projects, you need to become a person of influence.

In this Alfonso Bucero webinar author of The Complete Project Manager and other project management bestsellers will help you discover your influence skills.

Presenter: Alfonso Bucero, (LinkedIn profile) MSc, PMP, PMI-RMP, PMI Fellow, Region 8th South-West Component Mentor

Some of Alfonso’s published works include:

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Online Webinar  - Recorded September 2013
Duration: 1 Hour Credits: 1 PDU Category C Free
Presented by : TenStep Inc. (Rep 1774)

Note:  Although TenStep  is an REP and this session qualified as a PDU for people listening to the Live version of the presentation – TenStep  has stated that if you are listening to this presentation as a recorded online presentation you will need to record this webinar as a Category C opportunity.

Project management methodology refers to the processes, templates, techniques, roles and other aspects of the model you use for managing projects.

The processes used to manage a project are well known – planning, scheduling, budgeting, estimating, communicating, etc. However, different organizations build different models for how they think about and implement project management.

The purpose of this webinar is to provide insights into many of the ways that different companies establish their models for project management.

Tom Mochal Pmp PgMP TSPM ITBMC will also give you a look at a specific project management model called MPMM to see how that product activates the various aspects of project management methodology.

PDU Category C documentation details:
Process Groups: Planning
Knowledge Areas: 4 – Integration

  • 4.1 Develop Project Charter
  • 4.2 Develop Project Management Plan
  • 4.3 Direct and Manage Project Work
  • 4.4 Monitor and Control Project Work

As a Category C ‘Self Directed Learning Activity’ remember to document your learning experience and its relationship to project management for your ‘PDU Audit Trail Folder’

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Live Webinar March 13th, 2015 – 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm EDT
Presented by the Corporate Education Group (REP 1011) Course ID: MDW1263
Duration: 1 Hour Credits: 1 Cat A PDU – Free PDU

Whether your team is an ongoing work group, or a special, project-based team of limited duration, you will rapidly increase its effectiveness with the use of specific teamwork tools and skills.

This course covers:

  • Seven factors that teams need to be high performing
  • Best practices for a team leader
  • The importance of clear goals, roles, processes and interactions to promote collaboration
  • Team building stages and the tasks needed to move through each stage
  • Tools that are used to align individuals to be as effective as team members
  • Communication techniques that develop positive interactions amongst team members
  • The five dysfunctions of a team and how to overcome them

This webinar provides you strategies that will facilitate the development of a new team or the revitalization of an existing team.

Presenter: Crystell Anthony, (LinkedIn profile) M.Ed., MBTI®, CAGS from Northeastern University, and a certified State Trainer for Massachusetts, is  Principal and founder of her own consulting company, The Focus Group. Crystell has successfully designed and facilitated training programs in the public and corporate sectors for executive, managerial, and administrative professionals since 1979. Crystell’s training programs are known for containing simplified best practices for easy on-the-job applications and have been successfully installed in organizations across the globe.

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Live Webinar -  March 17th, 2015 – 10:00 am to 12:00 am EDT
Presented by:  The Gabriel Institute
Duration: Total of 2 Hours -2 Category B PDUs – Free PDU

The Ability To Connect With Others
To Form A Productive Team

Individual strengths can lead to a personal triumph,
But a team is greater than the sum of its parts.

Rich Karlgaard, Publisher of Forbes Magazine, recently wrote an article entitled “Teams Matter. Talent is Not Enough.”

In essence, it is a challenge for executives to find and exploit the “magic” of team synergy.

The metrics of teaming now exist!  Even the most extraordinary individual effort is no substitute for great teamwork. Teaming metrics are key to improving selection, increasing engagement, and vastly reducing new-hire turnover, all with measurable business value.

With TGI Teamability:
PMs will be able to create extremely strong teams.

In this introduction you will learn:

  • A completely new technology will help you understand why talented, experienced people do not always “team” well with others.
  • How to reduce the costs and risks associated with errors in hiring and promoting,
    • Metrics and methods that measure and predict “teaming” behaviors.
    • How to effectively analyze and solve team performance problems.
  • How to deliver significant business value by matching people to the functional mission of their team
    • The ‘who fits where’ and the ‘why’ of winning teams
    • Behaviors that impact quality of team interaction and ‘fit’ to job responsibilities
  • How it possible to reliably select high quality team players, and to match their job responsibilities to the way they envision themselves serving their team (their “Role”).

This is a MUST TAKE opportunity to help you understand the strengths of your team members placing them in the roles that will make your projects even more successful!

Edmonton PM

This program has been approved for 2 General recertification credit hours toward PHR, SPHR and GPHR recertification. PMPs can earn two Cat B credits for this two hour course. In addition, you will be offered the opportunity to have your own Teamability® experience!

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