Live Webinar October 8th, 2014 11:00 am – 12:30 pm EDT
Duration: 1 Hour 30 Min Credits: 1 PDU Category A – Free PDU
Presented by: Computer Aid Inc IT Metrics & Productivity Institute (Rep 2733)

Research conducted over many decades has found that projects will only succeed with the involvement of executives, and with the engagement and support of other important stakeholders.

Project managers must understand who their stakeholders are and who is important, and work to build and maintain robust relationships with these stakeholders through effective communication.

This presentation will focus on practical ways that project managers can apply to build these relationships and engage their stakeholders for the benefit of the project.

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Live Webinar October 7th, 2014 – 8:00 am – 9:00 am EDT
Duration: 1 hour webinar Credits: 1 PDU Category A – Free PDU
Sponsored by: Pharmaceutical CoP (REP #S012)

This webinar focuses on case studies that achieve “Positive Impact” by applying Project Management Techniques

Topics include:

  • Project Management for the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • The Price of Fear – $1 Million / Day
  • Efficiency Enhancing Collaboration on Clinical Trials
  • Project Management in Pharma Survey Results
  • Project Management Structure in Pharmaceutical Development at Merial
  • Alliance Risk Management – A lifecycle approach

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Live Webinar – October 8th, 2014 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm EDT
Offered by MPUG WebnLearn ( REP 1369 )
Duration 1 hour + Q & A 1 PDU / 1 CDU
Mpug Member FreeMember Only Event

When Dr. Frankenstein created a human being from various dead body parts, his elation was beyond imagination.

Little did he know that his complex undertaking would soon become a Monster that was out of control.

In a similar way, many organizations may be faced with having to deliver a complex undertaking with many people, functional silos, distributed accountability, etc.

You Go Thru Cycles Of:

  • Complex Creation…
  • Pulse on the Project… check for Life…
  • Elation that you have a Live Project, and
  • Sometimes faced with realization that This is a Monster Project

Developing a Monster schedule to address this complexity can be daunting. So, we want to arm you with some knowledge that may help you before you begin creating a schedule. This workshop will share the tips & techniques for “Taming the Monster Schedule”.

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Nick Campanis PMP  has 20+ years of project management experience in planning and implementing a variety of new, multi-million dollar product introductions, ranging from small to larger complex products for the Consumer, Commercial and Healthcare industries.  Nick is a Project Manager at Bausch & Lomb

Angelo Arcoleo  PMP has 30+ years of experience in engineering, project management, planning and training. He leads projects and teams to plan and execute critical projects. He is a Civil Engineer and a Master Scheduler for Exelis – Geospatial Systems Division; Orange Belt in Microsoft® Office Project; and President of MPUG (Microsoft® Project Users Group).

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Live Webinar – October 7th, 2014 7:00 am – 8:00 am EDT
Live Webinar – October 7th, 2014 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM BT
Duration: 1 hour webinar Credits: 1 PDU Category B – Free PDU
Sponsored by: Association for Project Management – APM

  • How can the growing trend in Lean and Agile be embraced?
  • How can the essential collaboration be achieved through use of digital technologies?

Collaboration challenges some of the well-established management techniques; what this will mean for the project manager, as far as managing the behavior of project members goes, is vital.

Following on from the recent, well-attended webinar “Kanban vs Gantt”, Paul Bamforth (LinkedIn profile) of Projectplace returns to address this closely related topic.

Gantt charts are well known and familiar but what about Kanban boards?

Paul will explain why Projectplace see Kanban boards as the next big collaboration trend; ideal for Lean and Agile approaches.

The techniques for success will be explained in this presentation as well as addressing the reasons why this working method is spreading so fast.

Presenter:  Paul Bamforth is the Country Manager for Projectplace in the UK. With over 20 years’ experience in technology companies Paul has overseen success and growth of a number of small/medium sized organizations.  Paul has supported their existing UK client base as well as growing the organisation and increasing Projectplace’s European presence.

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Managing Projects at the Speed of Time


Presented by: PDUs2go (Rep 1637)
PDUs:60 Price: $597.00

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Do you find yourself continually racing against time? Do you feel that you have so much to do that it’s difficult to get anything done? Managing time effectively is the key to managing your individual performance, but it’s much more complicated today than making a list and checking things off.

Earn 60 PDUs for your recertification
Managing Projects in the speed of time

Jennifer Whitt, PMP introduces you how to create a time management system that works for you. Learn how to set priorities and focus on what’s truly important; plan and schedule your day; and manage your calendar and tasks. You’ll organize your paper and email; learn how to efficiently use social media; and eliminate time wasters in your day.

You’ll gain scores of new ideas from Laura Stack aka The Productivity Pro®  on increasing output without increasing effort and performing at your matchless best! This program is accompanied by a detailed self-study workbook containing exercises, checklists, tools, and templates to apply your learning as you listen in the car, on the go or at your desk.

Learn On The Go with PDUs2GO

With viewpoints from over 20 best selling authors and experts, you will gain a unique perspective on the best methods to manage the unique aspects of your business, clients, team members and management.

Also included are relaxation techniques from psychologists and hypnotherapists to help you easily manage the moving parts and deadlines of your projects without losing sleep.

  • Featuring 20 speakers, best selling authors, doctors, psychologists and experts
  • Includes The Ultimate Time Management System featuring the Productivity Pro® Planner by DayTimer
  • Stay calm and collected while achieving amazing results

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> The 6-D System, by Laura Stack
> The 9 Secrets to Time Mastery, by Larry Iverson
> Amp Up Your Mental Health, by Mache Seibel
> Communicating Effectively with Email, by Laura Stack
> Controlling Your Day in an Uncontrollable World, by Laura Stack
> Courage – Predictability = Recklessness, by Lonnie Pacelli
> Creating a System that Works for YOU, by Laura Stack
> Creating Your Signature Work (Secular), by Dianna Booher
> Digital Quicksand: Avoiding Social Media OCD, by Laura Stack
> Emptying Your Inbox, by Laura Stack
> Fire Up Your Brain!, by Larry Iversonr
> Focusing on Your Work, by Laura Stack
> Freedom From Anxiety, by Crystal Dwyer
> Get Rid of Stress & Burnout, by Laura Stack
> Go For the Gold, by Marsha Petrie Sue
> How to Get More Done with Less Stress, by Sarita Maybin
> How to Overcome Stress & Pressure, by Larry Iverson
> I’ve Got One Nerve Left and You’re Standing On It, by Karyn Buxman
> Important Components of a Time Management System, by Laura Stack
> It’s About Time Management, by Marsha Petrie Sue
> Keep Your Job, Your Family, and Your Sanity, by Laura Stack
> Leading Under Pressure and Making a Difference, by Sheila Murray Bethel
> Learn to Make Life Happen for You, by Crystal Dwyer
> Managing Your Time, by Laura Stack
> Organizing Your Office and Your Life, by Laura Stack
> Peace of Mind, by Larry Iverson
> Relaxing at Speed, by Jeff Davidson
> Ridiculous Bliss at Work, by Matthew Ferry
> Running Toward Your Team Goals, by Jennifer Sedlock
> Simplify Your Life, by Bryan Tracy
> Sometimes You’re the Bug and Sometimes You’re the Windshield, by Pamela Jett Aal
> Stop Worry Now, by Crystal Dwyer
> Stress Management for Better Life Balance, by Kimberly Alyn
> Stress Relief Visualization Technique, by Lorraine Howell
> Tackling Timewasters, by Laura Stack
> Taking Time, by Marsha Wieder
> Time Management, by Laura Stack
> The Ultimate Time Management Workbook, by Laura Stack
> The Ultimate Time-Management Seminar, by Chris Widener
> Using Time or Abusing it, by John Maxwell

Learn & Recertify with 60 PDUs


Live Webinar October 8th, 2014 – 2:00 pm – 3:15 pm EDT
Duration: 75 Minutes Credits: 1 PDU Category A – Free PDU
Sponsored by: Change Management CoP (REP #S056)

Enhancing Project Execution With
Change Management Tools & Techniques

Truly successful project managers do not just manage projects well, but help to ensure that their projects create value for the organization.

However, in PMI’s 2014 Pulse of the Profession, research shows that organizations face a wide chasm between their actual state and the state of success, mostly due to a lack of focus on people, processes and outcomes.

While project management processes help to increase the chance of project success, they are often times insufficient when developing plans to address people, processes and the necessary organizational changes that facilitates value creation.

The keys to achieving true project success requires augmenting each of the 10 Knowledge Areas found in the PMBOK® Guide with tools and techniques from the field of organizational change management.

In this content-rich webinar, popular PMI® instructor Thomas Luke Jarocki will delve into each of the 10 Knowledge Areas within the PMBOK® Guide.

He will demonstrate how practical tools and techniques from the field of organizational change management can be utilized to enhance each of these Knowledge Areas so that project managers can develop a unified, comprehensive solution to managing people, projects, and organizational change.

As PMI’s 2013 “Managing Change in Organizations” Practice Guide states: “From stakeholder management to communications to human resources management, elements of change management appear throughout PMI’s foundational standards but are not specifically identified as the phrase ‘change management.’”

Come register and partake in this provocative webinar that finally makes the logical connection between project management and change management.

Presenter: Thomas Luke Jarocki  (LinkedIn profile) author of The Next Evolution – Enhancing and Unifying Project and Change Management: The Emergence One Method for Total Project Success is Managing Director of Emergence One International.  A frequent and popular presenter with PMI audiencesThomas has delivered keynote addresses, numerous workshops, and  has two highly rated workshops that are part of the PMI SeminarsWorld® series.

Note: You do have to be a PMI® member to register for this opportunity.

Click to register for Developing a Unified Approach For Managing People, Projects, & Change