Live Webinar November 6th, 2014 11:00 am – 12:30 pm EST
Duration: 1 Hour 30 Min Credits: 1 PDU Category A – Free PDU
Presented by: Computer Aid Inc IT Metrics & Productivity Institute (Rep 2733)

What makes the difference between a successful project and a project that stays in the pre-approval phase?

  • You and your capacity to influence decision makers?
  • How do you take charge of this?

In this webinar, we will discuss the dimensions of the decision maker persona, how they decide/buy, and the processes and interpersonal communication skills you need to influence them.

The goal of this presentation is to help you understand, and better influence, the success factors and positive outcomes on your projects.

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Live Webinar – November 6th, 2014 – 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EST
By BATimes (Diversified Business Communications REP 1811)
Duration 1 Hr 1 Cat A PDU/CDUs – Free  PDU / CDU

Today’s project leaders are faced with a problem: While most of work follows a traditional Waterfall methodology, they’re increasingly asked to collaborate with development teams working in Agile.

These two methodologies lie at the farthest ends of the spectrum and conjure up deep-rooted opinions when teams are asked to pick a side or work with one another.

Choosing Agile or Waterfall is becoming less of a choice, as more organizations require a mix of the two.

Sound familiar?

Join Derek, Carl, And Nick for a roundtable discussion and get the industry experts’ tips and tricks to allow Agile and Waterfall to work together.

Solve the pain of this new work management style and learn how to stay productive by mixing methodologies.

Course Learning Objectives Include:

  • Understand common communication and reporting challenges associated with “competing” methodologies
  • Discover how leading organizations are successfully managing multiple methodologies
  • Learn steps to supporting Agile and Waterfall within your organization

With the Course You Will Receive:

  • Access to the Live and Recorded Version of Webinar
  • Personalized Certificate of Attendance
  • Copy of Presentation Slides


Derek Huether (LinkedIn profile, @derekhuether ) Enterprise Agile Coach, LeadingAgile and author of Zombie Project Management and Nine Destructive Behaviours

Carl Smith (LinkedIn profile) Project Management Advisor, nGen Works

Nick McCleery (LinkedIn profile) Agile Product Manager, AtTask

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Live Webinar November 7th, 2014 – 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm EST
Duration: 1 hour webinar Credits: 1 PDU Category A  – Free PDU
Sponsored by: PMI LEAD CoP (REP #S004)

By attending this one of its kind session, participants will take a glance at the often unexplained area of project integration management and the art of “putting it all together”; to ensure a systematic approach to decision making in conditions that are less than perfect.

Examples will address areas such as leadership, risk, change, scheduling, communication, long-term thinking, prioritization, issue management, efficiency and productivity.

Presenter: Ori Schibi (LinkedIn profile) president of PmKonnectors is a visionary leader, communicator, connector and author of  “Managing Stakeholder Expectations for Project Success”.   Ori offers practical new ways of managing and dealing with projects, programs, business analysis and PMOs  including driving process efficiencies, software implementations, Agile Transformations, and project recoveries.

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On Becoming More Passionate About Work


Online Webinar – Recorded September 24, 2014
Duration: 1 Hour Credits: 1 PDU Category C  – Free PDU
Presented by Cisco Webex Online

  1. What makes an organization a great place to work?
  2. What is the process that individual employees go through in determining that?

Those are the questions that researchers at The Ken Blanchard Companies® set out to discover over the course of a seven-year research project to identify the organizational, job, and relationship factors that lead to Employee Work Passion.

In this webinar, Dr. Drea Zigarmi, ( bio) Founding Associate and Director of Research for The Ken Blanchard Companies will present the research that sheds light on the process that individual employees go through in determining whether critical factors are present in a specific work environment.

He will use the Employee Work Passion model to show how an individual appraisal of organizational and job characteristics leads to positive or negative intentions, behaviors, and subsequent organizational or unit results.

Participants will explore:

  • Why Leadership Matters—how strategic and operational leadership behaviors impact Employee Work Passion
  • The Employee Appraisal Process—how perceptions of the work environment lead to positive or negative employee intentions in five key areas
  • The Employee Work Passion Model—12 work environment factors all leaders need to know, evaluate, and plan for
  • Four Critical Implications—and how to get started

PDU Category C (PMBOK 5) documentation details
Process Groups: Executing
Knowledge Areas: 9 – Human Resources

  • 9.1 Plan Human Resource Management
  • 9.2 Acquire Project Team
  • 9.3 Develop Project Team
  • 9.4  Manage Project Team

As a Category C “Self Directed Learning Activity” remember to document your learning experience and its relationship to project management for your “PDU Audit Trail Folder”

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Live Webinar November 5th, 2014 – 2:00 pm – 3:15 pm EST
Duration: 75 Minutes webinar Credits: 1 PDU Category A – Free PDU
Sponsored by: Change Management CoP (REP #S056)

Project sponsorship is a leading position “par excellence”. The project sponsor governs the project and consequently makes critical decisions that will inevitably impact the planning, execution and success -or not of the project.

This individual is required to have leadership competencies to be able to be a good navigator, roadblock remover, analyst, and sound decision maker.

Mission is accomplished only when business value is delivered to the organization.

With Organizational Change Management projects in particular, good leadership in executive sponsorship positions is in mounting anticipation.

The project sponsor is required to ensure sound change management practices are integrated with best practices in project management.

Since project sponsor’s role is still unclear to many, this role in change projects is certainly worth clarifying.

A study of sponsor’s activities as per PMI Managing Change in Organizations Practice Guide will be one of the highlights of the webinar.

In addition, a compelling case study on how executive sponsorship facilitated positive change in an organization will be presented.

Presenter: Radhia Benalia, PhDc, PMP (LinkedIn profile) Radhia’sdoctoral thesis around Leadership Competencies of Project Sponsors. Radhia is teaching  Leadership, Sponsorship, and Change Management courses at the American University of Beirut.  She has worked in 3 continents and several walks of life, such as academia, corporate, and even politics as she has run for office in British Columbia in 2009.  She has also been the quality manager for several large consultancy projects in the Middle-East, and is now the Head of Engagement at Global University.

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Live Webinar November 6th, 2014 – 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm EST
Duration: 1 hour webinar Credits: 1 PDU Category A – Free PDU
Sponsored by: PMI Risk Management CoP (REP #S048)

Organizations invest a lot of time, money, and energy into developing and utilizing risk management practices as part of their project management disciplines.

Yet, when you move beyond the project to the program, portfolio, PMO and even organizational level, that same level of risk command and control rarely exists.

With this in mind, well-known subject matter expert and author Andy Jordan starts where most leave off. He explores risk management at the portfolio, program, and PMO levels.

Presenter: Andy Jordan PMP (LinkedIn profile, @RoffensianPM) , president of Roffensian Consulting Inc,  is a sought-after speaker and instructor in PM, risk management, leadership and communication related subjects. Andy’s literary works have been printed in industry and corporate publications worldwide.

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